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Reviews For A Promist Kept by Robert Owen

Wednesday 3rd February 2016 16:47
A Promist Kept
Wow - that was phenomenal. Definitely brought tears to my eyes! So sad and yet so beautiful. Reminds me of an old friend of mine, long past, who helped me out after my first divorce. He was determined to make sure my son had a good Christmas...
Friday 1st January 2010 16:20
A Promist Kept
This is a wonderful piece. I'm so glad that the Carpe Diem universe hasn't been abandoned. Thank you for sharing your work. John Clarke is a really likeable character. I like that he's still involved. I'm also glad that Bill has left a legacy behind in the form of Cora. I'm willing to bet that Molly is going to love the child if she ever gets to meet her.
Sunday 27th December 2009 07:48
A Promist Kept
That was just so good I do not know what to say. I can hardly see the keyboard to review because the tears are rollong down my face.
Sunday 27th December 2009 01:52
A Promist Kept


Thank you.......

Merry Christmas!
Saturday 26th December 2009 23:00
A Promist Kept
oh! I love the reference to FUBAR! love that movie!
Saturday 26th December 2009 23:47A Promist Kept (Author Response)
LoL just referencing the actual military term here. When the chapters of IL MET get posted dealing with the MASSACRE, you'll see why Clarke uses the term

Saturday 26th December 2009 22:59
A Promist Kept
awesome story! Was a little hard to follow at times though...
Saturday 26th December 2009 23:50A Promist Kept (Author Response)
Not suprised at the problem in following it as Sherylyn left off the story header that says this is an outtake to my forthcoming story ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT, book 6 of the Carpe Diem Universe (LOL) and reading my story here called INVICTUS will help.

BTW: THanks for being the first to review