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Saturday 12th November 2011 07:54
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
i think harry and hermione should call molly weasley as mrs.weasley not molly
Saturday 15th October 2011 02:11
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
Interesting idea to explore Harry's emotional numbness. I just cannot figure such a heart-to-heart taking place between two guys. It is typical girl talk. There is no reason Ron starts on this, besides it is out of character (even phasing in a more mature Ron), Ron being very shy about any show of emotions. There should have been at least a reason for two guys getting to this kind of talk, but right now I cannot figure out what. Ginny would not complain about Harry's emotional distance to Ron of all people.... Ron would not gush about Hermione to his friend for no reason. Maybe Harry could inadvertently witness something between Ron and Hermione, and have a soliloquy of sorts.
Saturday 2nd July 2011 12:03
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
I just read all 19 chapters you've gotten so far and I think it's great. I love Hermione and all the inner monologue of Harry and Ginny is great. I can't wait to see how the doctors visit is gonna go and for them H/G to get back together!
Saturday 27th November 2010 21:15
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
I really enjoyed this chapter of your story, and how Ron is almost completely different. I like how he's so sure of himself. I LOVE how Harry isn't positive about his feelings for Ginny, because so many writers make him love her when honestly they weren't romantically involved for a very long time. So I loved how you made it much more realistic.
I also understand how Harry doesn't want to or think he needs to wonder about his future and if his future concerns Ginny; honestly, he thought he was going to die just a few months previously!
That was a long review, wow. But I just love your writing style (wish mine could be like it) and love your story.
Tuesday 30th November 2010 08:20A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thanks for leaving a long review! I definitely enjoyed reading it! I'm glad you understand where Harry is coming from and and that you like and appreciate his realistic perspectives on love and the future. There is alot more to read, and I hope to hear from you again! -R
Thursday 30th September 2010 11:25
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
Very sweet! My favorite HP fanfics are the ones that take place after Deathly Hallows. I love reading peoples ideas about Harry and Ginny get back together. I've only read your first chapter but I already feel it's the most realistic idea of their reunion. Most people seem to think that Harry killed Voldie and then ran to Ginny and they lived happily ever after. Which is sweet, but not at all likely. Harry's got some serious baggage and needs to figure out how to live! I look forward to your updates!
Friday 1st October 2010 14:31A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thank you. What a great review... I did imagine that it would be a rough road to "normal' for Harry, and that it wouldn't be sunshine and roses directly after he managed to kill Voldie, which is why I began writing my own version down. I'm glad you like the story, and I hope you will continue to read. Cheers, R
Thursday 23rd September 2010 16:01
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
How difficult it must be for Harry to think ahead - this was a future that he never gave himself the opportunity to imagine during the war. I also like how you have captured Ron's growing maturity - this was evident also in DH. Well done
Friday 24th September 2010 18:48A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thanks. It was a stretch for Harry to think of the future during the war and of course this is important to remember here. Glad you liked Ron in this bit. Thanks for reading and the review. Hope you will continue to read more!
Sunday 29th August 2010 10:40
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
love it!!
can't wait for the next chapter!
Sunday 29th August 2010 19:06A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thank you for the review!! So happy you enjoyed.
Saturday 28th August 2010 07:30
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
This is the most realistic picture of Harry ever written. His life with the Dursleys was the foundation of his lack of recognizing feelings of any kind. He likes the kisses, hugs and being with Ginny but just can,t put a name to his feelings. You,ve started off just right. keep up the good work and let Harry evolve at his own pace, not Ron,s or any one elses. Great start.
Saturday 28th August 2010 13:48A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you feel like I've started off right, and nailed an accurate representation of how Harry would have felt at this time, judged by his past experiences. Thanks for the advice as well. Harry will have plenty of time to let his feelings evolve and I hope you will read along as they do! Thanks so much for the great review!
Grandma Kate
Friday 27th August 2010 05:04
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
The answer is, "Yes, I enjoyed reading your story." I can picture Ron having this conversation with Harry.

This about sums it up for Harry-
Harry finally decided that ‘loving’ Ginny would perhaps be something he intended to do someday. And he knew he would know when that someday had arrived.
Friday 27th August 2010 10:20A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter and that you felt the conversation between Harry and Ron was realistic. Thanks for the quote as well, Kate. Getting to the point where ‘someday’ has arrived, will be frustrating to say the least, for both he and Ginny but Harry will get there eventually, as we know! Thanks so much for leaving a review! - Rebecca
Felix Felicis
Thursday 26th August 2010 19:36
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
Very well written. You did a fine job of showing Harry's confusion and regression when he finally was free to live his life and allowed to have a real future. He just doesn't know what to do with himself! Of course, we all know the real truth, but that makes the story even better. I also love what you've done with Ron. That strikes me as just like him; deeper than he first appears, and able to learn lessons from everything that happened over the last year. Perhaps that's one of the reasons this is a great story: for once Harry is taking lessons from Ron!
Thanks for sharing!
Friday 27th August 2010 10:08A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thank you for reading! I appreciate your review, my first on Phoenix Song, so thanks for the welcome! I agree on how Ron learned many lessons about loss and love during the war, lessons which were quite eye opening! Luckily Ron was able to learn from them, as you said, and yes, whether he realizes (and likes it) or not, Harry will learn a few more lessons from Ron throughout the story. I suppose I have gone and turned around the dynamic of Ron and Harry's friendship yet this is exactly as I imagine it would have been at this point in time! More than anything, I’m very pleased about your reaction to Harry’s situation and thoughts in this chapter; that you found them acceptable and that you found the portayal to be done well. I hope you will read more Felix and thank you again. Best, Rebecca