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Friday 3rd September 2010 21:22
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
I really enjoyed it!I can understand Harry's confusion...Can't wait for the next chapter
Saturday 4th September 2010 14:52A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it
Thursday 2nd September 2010 15:49
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
This is good. I like the fact that Ron has Harry thinking. He should be thinking about more than the physical side of their relationship. Ginny knows him very well. He hasn't had time to just be a teenager and this is his time. I'm sure Ginny will wait for him to grow up and tell her he really wants her forever in his life. This just isn't the time yet. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more of this story. p
Thursday 2nd September 2010 19:53A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
I like what you said here about how this is Harry's time to be a teenager. Definitely. In many ways it does run deeper than that, but especially around Ginny, he's acting very much like a teenage boy would. He is able to feel as such for the first time in his life. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate the review.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 2nd September 2010 02:28
A Less-Than-Perfect Love
Ah, yes, the wonders of talking mirrors, especially at the Weasleys.

You've captured Harry's confusion perfectly. This quite revealing-
Who knew what he would want to do someday? Someday, he might want to holiday in China, but it didn’t necessarily mean he wanted to book his trip now.
Thursday 2nd September 2010 12:22A Less-Than-Perfect Love (Author Response)
I had forgotten about the mirrors altogether. Once I was reminded, I had a fun time with it...Thanks; this is only the beginning of Harry's confusion! Love the quote! -R