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Reviews For Sunsets by Rhymes With Orange

Tuesday 8th April 2008 08:00
thats so sad!!! why oes harry have to think that he has to leave.... like im sure that ginny would help him get rid of the demons and stuff....
Monday 19th November 2007 17:22
wow!!! This is awesome! I cant wait to read the rest
Harry is a git! why doesnt he let ginny in....

Saturday 23rd June 2007 09:10
I don't like the idiot that harry is in this story, but than again it is something harry could do. I think I like the way the story is writen and hope all will be well in it's sequel.
Tuesday 22nd March 2005 12:19
Angst it is, Angst I hate. This was disturbingly deep, almost too Deep for Harry. He's having trouble ... is it this bad?

Good emotion. I liked it. Very personable, spot on with Ginny's feelings. It IS possible they won't end up together... even tho most people on this site want it to end this way...

Good work.