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Reviews For Gifts by Diana Harrington-Winters

Saturday 30th August 2008 19:01
wow... thats interesting...
Monday 24th December 2007 05:04
I like Ginny's poem and the letter from Lily is very sweet. I'm still waiting for my Harry/Ginny fluff though!!
Friday 29th June 2007 15:03
Your writing skills are really good, I was and am totally drawn into your stories and this one with the letter from lily had an nice emotional touch. Thanks for writing them, it might be over 3 years since you wrote it but it still a pleasure to read it.
Thursday 29th June 2006 09:23
Nice letter from his mother (though I might have expected something a bit longer . . . but maybe not) and the party was a bit fun . . . but where is Harry/Ginny?
Tuesday 27th June 2006 14:16
So, is Harry going to take the DADA job and see Debrah? Did I spell it right? And I like the note that came with Ginny's gift.
Thursday 25th May 2006 12:49
Sweet, sad, and rather funny with Ginny's poem...I adore your writing style.
Tuesday 31st May 2005 16:57
I was very amused by the twins, as you portrayed them.  The gift from Ginny was also lovely... so has the romance between them begun finally?
Laurel Carmer
Monday 30th May 2005 09:05

Another good story.  I love how you do the character's emotions.

Going to read some more.  <g>


Wednesday 3rd November 2004 23:56

I'm now starting to wonder if they are going to ever get a clue. The party was nice and the gift from Ginny was perfect.

The memory as a gift was sweet.

Personally, I could very easily see Harry taking the Defense position if he decided not to become an Auror. Of course, a career I have always envisioned Harry and Ginny going into together was a career as curse-breakers like Bill. I could just see the two of them as sort of a Wizard and Witch version of Indiana Jones.

I'm just curious as what it's going to take for these two to realize what is in front of them. I know from a story standpoint this is only the third chapter, but from a time standpoint they have been close friend for two to three years and have spent several tender moments over the past two months together.

I'm hoping with Ginny's imminent return to Hogwarts coming up Harry will have the sense to try to get his "hooks" into her before she is beyond his reach.