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Reviews For Rest At Last by Diana Harrington-Winters

Saturday 30th August 2008 00:51
Rest At Last
ncie story
Monday 24th December 2007 04:41
Rest At Last
Good job!! It's good that Petunia has softened a bit towards Harry it's just a shame she couldn't treat him with the love and respect he deserves. On to the next in the series...
Friday 29th June 2007 14:44
Rest At Last
You keep coming with the good stuf. I'm right off to your next story.
Wednesday 28th June 2006 07:25
Rest At Last
Wouldn't Petunia have known about the mysterious writer?
Tuesday 27th June 2006 13:51
Rest At Last
What is up with Patunia? She has issues she needs to work on.
Thursday 25th May 2006 12:40
Rest At Last
Perfect. I think the Dursleys were exactly right. Great job!
Tuesday 31st May 2005 16:43
Rest At Last
I am always curious as to how the Dursleys would react to Harry leaving.  Nice job on Ginny's reaction to being "protected"
Laurel Carmer
Sunday 29th May 2005 22:49
Rest At Last

Interesting.  I like the stuff that Petunia says.  I wonder if she would have loved Harry more if he didn't have any magic.

Love the H/G.  They're slowing coming around.


Sunday 29th May 2005 13:47
Rest At Last
I like the idea of Ron as a PT - it seems rather fitting!  And Deborah must have some interesting stories to tell - it will be fun to find out tales of school from Lily's standpoint.  Well done!
Wednesday 3rd November 2004 23:49
Rest At Last

Definately some nice fluffiness here with the picnic and Harry and Ginny admiring the cottage together. Is there some foreshadowing here I hope?

I somehow think it's fitting that Ginny be the one to go with Harry for his last journey to the Dursley's. She has always seemed to know how to do the little things (or in some instances the big ways) to give him the support he needs.

I begining to get worried here about the fact that neither of them seem to even notice the chemistry the two have together. I can remember being 17 and even though I tended to be quite oblivious I had enough since to know when there was something good right in front of me.

I'm wondering which one of them will figure it out first? Then will that person have the courage to actually act upon it?