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Reviews For Home by DADAGinny

Monday 7th January 2008 15:12
Friday 11th January 2008 08:24Home (Author Response)
Thank you.

Monday 11th December 2006 11:31
Nice concept...July 30 is my bday so I'm definitely partial to that
Friday 11th January 2008 08:24Home (Author Response)
lol! Thanks for the review!

Saturday 28th January 2006 18:50
That's all there is to say.
The perfect image of home, too. I loved the ending. Wonderful job!!
Sunday 29th January 2006 14:07Home (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm gliad you liked it!

Friday 8th July 2005 12:13

This is fantastic! Although I didn't like how you killed almost everyone else, I guess that probably will happen. I especially loved this part-    "Ginny was here, and now he was truly home". A trully lovely story.

Friday 8th July 2005 12:51Home (Author Response)
Yeah, I just can't see JKR letting a whole bunch of people live -- of course, that depends on what kind of mood I'm in.  I love to read angst.

Thanks for the review!

Monday 18th April 2005 11:00
Poinant, and peacful.  I feel like I'm sitting and walking with Harry as he's musing.  He has lacked that solid feeling of belonging.  This is wonderful.  I'm particularly fond of one-shots.  They let us explore little moments with a depth that allows them to burrow into our hearts.  I hope to see more from you.  Thank you for this one. 
Monday 18th April 2005 12:54Home (Author Response)
Thank you for the review!  I hope to write more at some time, but who knows when.  I love your stuff!
Wednesday 13th April 2005 15:43

So short and sweet but so torturous with the cliffhanger, please write more, I need these kinds of stories to take me away form reality.

Great job, I'll be lookin for more


Thursday 14th April 2005 08:32Home (Author Response)
Sorry, didn't mean to make it a cliffhanger, but this was just a short ficlet that popped into my head.  I hope to write more this summer.  Thanks for the review!

Tuesday 22nd March 2005 18:07
Aww very cute! I'm glad Harry's truely home!
Thursday 14th April 2005 08:32Home (Author Response)
Thanks for the review!  It's nice to know when someone reads it!

Wednesday 5th January 2005 16:28

-- Remus, killed at the silver hand of Wormtail

Oh dear, hadn't thought of that.  You may well be right. 

Wednesday 5th January 2005 17:27Home (Author Response)
I hope not, but it looks so possible...