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Author: ickleronniekins

Forget Me Not (Everyone) Completed
Word count:5,091
Harry and Hermione return to the Burrow during the summer after 6th year. Except this time, it's with a heavy heart that they return, for they have lost their best friend...

Author: IHateSnakes

Harry Potter and the Story in the Runes (Young Teens) WIP
Word count:55,623
The war is over and Voldemort destroyed, but the price of victory was high. Putting their lives back together, Harry, Ginny, Ron & Hermione face challenges, successes, and failures. When one of the Weasleys delve into the ancient mystery of Merlin, written in encoded runes, he isn't the only one affected by his discoveries; the mystery of Salazar Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets was far deeper than anyone knew.

Eight Questions for Maya (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,302
Harry's eight-step plan for getting Ron and Hermione (Maya) together.

Author: Illjwamh

Author: Imogen

A Pensieve Affair (Teens) WIP
Word count:91,002
What do you get when you cross a pensieve game devised by Fred and George, a best friend bearing chocolate cake and a disillusioned Hope Potter who's kissed a lot of frogs?

Nil Desperandum (Young Teens) WIP
Word count:49,808
Hope Potter begins her time at Hogwarts, dealing with fame, unexpected revelations and some very mysterious goings on.

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,335
Just how do the staff at Hogwarts react to the havoc Hope Potter has caused? Outtake from chapters 6 & 7 of Nil Desperandum.

We Walked This Way Once (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,517
Lily and James take a stroll around the Hogwarts lake and discuss their future together.

Let's Face the Music (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,445
Remus Lupin tries to come to terms with the deaths of his friends and Sirius' betrayal.

Carpe Diem (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:62,032
The Fifth Year at Hogwarts. Why does Harry have Ginny under the Imperius Curse, and what dangers does Voldemort pose for them this time?

Riverside Reflections (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:5,540
The summer after 'Carpe Diem'. Harry and Ginny spend some time alone and reflect on their relationship.

Alpha and Omega (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:99,172
The Seventh Year at Hogwarts provides one of the most difficult decisions that Harry ever has to make, but is it enough?

The Beginning (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,752
The prophesy comes to its conclusion. Grab some tissue!

Author: Incurable Romantic

Maybes (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,721
After a vision of Voldemort's plans, Harry runs away in an effort to save his friends. He doesn't make it much farther than the Knight Bus however, where a certain red-head points out the flaws in his plan.

The Butterbeer Effect (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:679
Everything goes better with Butterbeer.

Author: Iniga

Innocence Lost And Found (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:71,303
Sirius finds himself forced to choose between helping Harry and proving his own innocence. Sirius and Harry get a lot of help from Remus and a little from Hermione along the way; and flashbacks to the youth of MWPP abound. In part 1, Remus worries about Sirius, Sirius worries about Harry, and they both worry about Voldemort.

Cyanide (Teens) Completed
Word count:36,666
Semi-sequel to "Innocence Lost and Found." Ron has often said that Percy would hand him to the Dementors-- or worse. Will he?

Raised to the Third Power (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:64,155
Semi-sequel to "Innocence Lost and Found" and "Cyanide." The war is climaxing, but Voldemort is underestimating something about Harry: his friends. A story starring the Intrepid Trio as well as still-guilty Sirius, still-bitter Severus, and everyone's favorite werewolf.

You Know Who's On First (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,253
Hagrid rescues Harry from the Dursleys in the first book. There is a misunderstanding. Nothing else to say but that I’m sorry and I very deeply regret this. Warning: For sheer stupidity.

Author: instant stardust

A Harry Potter Christmas Story (Everyone) Completed
Word count:629
Ginny has a gift from the heart for Harry. A one-shot written from Ginny's POV.

Author: Ishi

A Second Chance (Teens) Completed
Word count:4,736
A Neville–Luna post-Hogwarts fic. After the Great Battle, Neville went into an entirely different line of work than anyone expected him to. He remained in contact with the rest of the gang, except for Luna, who disappeared mysteriously. What happens when they meet up again, and Luna has a little surprise?

Christmas Confessions (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,405
It's Christmas time in The Burrow, and Harry and Ginny have a little chat.

Dare to Date (Teens) Completed
Word count:9,190
During a drunken game of Truth or Dare, Harry gets dared to go out on a date with Ginny Weasley.

Happy Halloween (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,439
Harry takes his kids trick-or-treating for Halloween.

Once Upon a Yesteryear (Everyone) Completed
Word count:308
Halloween. It was a day of celebration in the Wizarding World.

Rubies (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,953
He knew very little about jewellery, but he did know that rubies were the 15th anniversary present.

Stars (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:428
I wonder what they're trying to say, sometimes. They have their own language, one we don't speak.

The Red-Haired Trio (Everyone) Completed
Word count:6,156
A series of vignettes of the special bond between the three most mischievous Weasleys.

The Vigil (Teens) Completed
Word count:1,239
Every night she lit the candle and placed it in her window, hoping against hope that this would be the day he came home, came back to her.

The Vow (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:551
On November 1st, Petunia made a vow...