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Author: Wahlee

Too Young to Fall Asleep Forever (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,489
Harry and Ginny enjoy a peaceful moment after the defeat of Voldemort and discover that some things don't ever go away. Short fluffy ficlet.

Look to Your Dreams (Young Teens) Abandoned
Word count:4,674
Ginny has a vivid dream about Harry, which prompts her to review her relationship with him. Little does she know that the relationship will soon change forever.

Author: Waywren Truesong

Hero's Burial (Teens) Completed
Word count:731
Hermione Granger knows the manner of a hero's death.

Little Wizard-chick (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:890
Hedwig thinks on how her boy has grown.

Author: weasleysrcool

Author: werekitten

Once Upon a Broomcupboard (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,477
It’s almost exam time, but even so, all the Hogwarts broom cupboards are well sought-after. Everyone wants a good snog, even the most... interesting... couples. A one-shot HBP missing moment during the time between the famous Quidditch game and Dumbledore’s death.

Author: WiCkEd

A Professor's Guidance (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,343
Lately, Ginny has been having nightmares, just like the ones from her first year at Hogwarts. When an unexpected friend joins Ginny in her nightly tea-session, she gets the guidance and help she so desperately needs.

Thanks to my betas: LunaMoon and Lisa!


Author: Wild Magelet

Justice (Teens) WIP
Word count:33,705
Ginny had always wanted to be an Auror. After the events of the war, she is determined to continue with the fight for justice. With a series of high-profile murders terrorising the wizarding world, however, she begins to question the meaning of the word.

Christmas Angels (Teens) Completed
Word count:1,341
Draco and Pansy spend a warm and fuzzy Christmas Eve together.

Finding the Beginning (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,623
In the aftermath of Voldemort's defeat, Ginny finds it hard to cope. The people who love her are determined to help.

Sitting in a Tree (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,984
Of the many perils associated with dating Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin discovers that buying her an appropriate gift for Valentine's Day may be the most daunting.

The Little Moments (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,935
After Voldemort's defeat, Ginny decides that it's the big things
and the little moments in life that really count.

The Shattered Glass (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,026
In the jubilant aftermath of Gryffindor's match against Ravenclaw, Dean Thomas is in for quite a shock...

To Have and to Hold (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:6,839
A muggle picnic by the lake may be just what Ginny and Harry
need, in order to clear up a few misunderstandings. If they can
survive Ron's cooking, that is...

Truth Under Fire (Mature) Completed
Word count:6,557
As Tonks discovers, a bad mood is never a good accessory to take on a mission. Things are bound to go wrong…

Author: Willbot

Pax Mortem (Teens) WIP
Word count:5,942
It's the summer before Harry's seventh year. Two events turn his world upside down. The fallout will have consequences no one could have ever imagined.

The Fight (Teens) Completed
Word count:2,577
An outtake from Chapter 7 of Michele40's The New Professor.

Looking Forward, Looking Back (Teens) Completed
Word count:9,307
Harry & Ginny are getting married. What are they thinking as they get ready for the ceremony? Flashbacks show how they get together. A little Ron & Hermione thrown in to get that full fluff effect.

Author: Windsong

The Thorn in the Sand (Teens) WIP
Word count:21,485
Holly Potter's world was peaceful, secure, and maybe even a little boring at times. But when a Potter goes to Hogwarts, things are rarely boring for long.
A companion fic to Imogen's A Pensieve Affair.

The Shop Girl (Everyone) WIP
Word count:2,864
The price of victory had been high for Harry, and he has become lonely and withdrawn. Perhaps a night out with a pretty supermarket assistant will be just what he needs.

Introspection (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,104
'Choose someone - better - next time.' Ron Weasley would never know the turmoil those few words had caused his little sister. And she is certainly not going to tell him!

Quidditch and Kisses (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,172
What were the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team doing while Harry was serving his detention with Snape? - Oh wait, they were playing a game against Ravenclaw weren't they? [Missing Moment]

Author: Wings

Heart of Gold (Teens) WIP
Word count:121,987
When Regulus Black became a Death Eater after he left Hogwarts School, he never thought that he would back out a year later and be killed. Nor did he think that his entire worldview would be changed as his life fell apart. Or that through it all he would learn what family, friendship, bravery and love really means.

As Long As It Takes (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,640
A blustery Halloween afternoon and a pair of redheads remind Harry of why he is fighting and of what really matters about life.

Maybe Not Today (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,488
Those we love never really leave us, but it takes a while to be able to cope with their absence.

Seize The Day (Everyone) Completed
Word count:5,375
The summer is drawing to a close and Mrs. Weasley is planning a picnic, but something about it is bothering Ginny. Will Harry take the chance to find out what it is?

Something Brilliant (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,459
Ron wants to ask Hermione to marry him, but he’s just a bit nervous and unable to think of the best way to do it. Will Harry, Ginny, and some chocolate frogs show him how?

The Picture (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,843
Harry and Ginny's thoughts about their long-distance relationship following Harry's graduation from Hogwarts. It all starts with a trip to Hogsmeade, a walk back to Hogwarts, and a digital camera...

Author: Wooster

Author: Worldmaker

Our Obligations (Young Teens) WIP
Word count:24,673
The sins of the father are often visited upon the son. But does the son have to blindly accept the weight of their parent's legacy? A sequel of sorts to "I Saw My Lady Weep".

I Saw My Lady Weep (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:85,812
War takes a toll on everyone involved. Happy endings can be achieved, but never easily, and never quickly, even for those that are heroes. All ships are canon. Takes place after Deathly Hallows.

Furious Angels (Teens) Completed
Word count:101,561
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come. Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out, even to the edge of doom.

All Was Well (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,711
Some souls are meant to be together forever. A one-shot story set at the very end of my particular version of the Post-DH Potterverse.

Author: wvchemteach

Harry Potter: Metamorphosis (Teens) WIP
Word count:43,991
It is the summer after OotP and the Boy-Who-Lived has vanished only to reappear mysteriously eight weeks later with no memory of where he was or what has happened to him. It will be another trying year for Harry as he tries to sort out what happened to him during the summer and who is responsible. Watch him struggle as mysterious new powers emerge as he tries to prepare for his inevitable confrontation with Lord Voldemort. See him grow and mature from the angry boy who lost his godfather in OotP to a mature young man looking forward to a future filled with happiness, friends, and hopefully love.