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Reviews For Birth by Gridley

Friday 9th April 2010 11:32
I'm not yelling at you, but are you saying that Hermione named her kid Hogwart: The Unabridged History, by Hermione Weasley? Or that she didn't have a kid she was working on a book?
Monday 1st September 2008 17:28
Monday 28th January 2008 22:55
Ouch!!!! You had me. Good setup. I enjoyed it.
Tuesday 2nd October 2007 16:20
lol. that was awesome! I thought that it was hemonie giving birth or something. lol (im thinking that that was your intention)
And that snape wrote Hogwarts: a history! lol genius
Sunday 2nd September 2007 05:32
Quite understandable that Hermione is crossed if her favorite book was writen by te most hated professor
Friday 29th June 2007 17:10
So funny!!

loved the end!!

kiss kiss

Wednesday 18th July 2007 14:00Birth (Author Response)
Wednesday 26th July 2006 09:53
wow weird I thought she was having a baby!
Thursday 27th July 2006 06:49Birth (Author Response)
Well, that is the idea. :-)
Friday 30th December 2005 00:10

LOL!! that is hilarious.

Tuesday 7th February 2006 13:43Birth (Author Response)
Thank you. :-)
Monday 19th December 2005 11:33


Why name the twins Remus and Sirius, not James and Sirius? And why, why, WHY give one of them the middle name Peter? And isn't Hogwarts: A History too old to have been written by a thirtysomething?

Tuesday 7th February 2006 13:43Birth (Author Response)
Well, recall that I'm a believer that Peter will redeem himself eventually. While I admit that the odds of Snape having written HaH are extremely slim, he IS the only other one who seems to know you can't Apparate on Hogwarts grounds (per PoA)...
Wednesday 21st September 2005 05:41
Funny!  What a great plot twist.  I was going to say something about fathers needing to be with the mothers when they give birth, but then I was thinking babies, not books.  Hah!  You got me there, you sneaky thing...  Well done, and it all flowed nicely.

One of the best and most surprising mini fics I've ever read.  Thanks!

Wednesday 21st September 2005 06:49Birth (Author Response)
Ooh, I like it when I trick people. (Evil grin.)
Tuesday 20th September 2005 11:36


Here I thought she was a having a baby...

Wednesday 21st September 2005 06:48Birth (Author Response)
Well, that is what I'm trying to make you think. ;-)
Thursday 23rd June 2005 08:44

OMG, I was not expecting that!!! I'm still laughing. This is such a great story.

great job, keep writing, and PLez write back


Friday 24th June 2005 05:02Birth (Author Response)
Well, once PoF is finished I'm calling a halt until HBP comes out, and since I have far less "feel" for what's going to happen, it will probably be quite a while before I start a new story, but who can predict the future? Maybe I'll encounter another venomous plot bunny.
Tuesday 21st June 2005 18:07
Wow!!!Talk about a surprise ending. You take the cake. This was great, and just a" little bit shtupid",[from laugh-in,years ago,]and good for a laugh.
Friday 24th June 2005 05:01Birth (Author Response)
Well, intelligent humor is wonderful, but I'm better the closer you get to slapstick...
Wednesday 15th June 2005 09:08

Another cute story.  You never cease to amaze me.



Friday 24th June 2005 05:00Birth (Author Response)
Y'know, a lot of people say that about me. ;-)
Monday 23rd May 2005 14:16
Classic comedy... Here's to you!
Thursday 2nd June 2005 18:33Birth (Author Response)
Thursday 3rd February 2005 19:31
What a twist! Brilliant!!!
Friday 4th February 2005 06:27Birth (Author Response)
Thanks. :-)
Thursday 3rd February 2005 08:16
Ok, fooled me propperly for at least two thirds.
Friday 4th February 2005 06:27Birth (Author Response)
You're in good company - I think I got about a third of my readers, judging by reviews.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 23:20

Hah!  That was great; you really made me think that Hermione was having Snape's baby. 

Glad it wasn't so!

Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:04Birth (Author Response)

Having SNAPE'S baby?!!?

OK, no, my mind isn't twisted enough to consider that on my own, though now that you mention it I can see where that would come from...


Wednesday 2nd February 2005 21:03
:)  gently opened the bundle ... very nice.  Although I think I like Luna's entrance in your other fic more 

Good job 
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:03Birth (Author Response)
Luna's entrance is one of those moments I'd like on film; sadly I doubt I'll be that lucky.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 20:42
Ahahahahaha nice plot twist...very funny!
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:02Birth (Author Response)
Thanks for R/R!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 18:26

HAHAHA!     That was delightfully clever! What a witty way to play on our assumptions...

Well done, and looking forward to morefrom you,


Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:02Birth (Author Response)

Take a look at Mathamagic :-)

Ask and you may recieve...

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 17:03
Your sister's idea?  I can imagine what it's like to live in your house!
Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:01Birth (Author Response)

Well, we currently live several states apart, but still assemble the family for Christmas.

Actually, my sister is a far better writer than I - she's seriously working on publication.

Lakshmi Potter
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 16:11

Oh, also...

Seeing the confusion per a post below,  I think you mean "nom de plume."  In French a "nome" is someone who stritcly adheres to laws, and particularly religious laws (in English, a "nomist"). 

But it doesn't change the fact that that was the funniest line in the Fic. I really giggled at that.  


Thursday 3rd February 2005 07:00Birth (Author Response)
Ah. Side-by-side Google does seem to confirm you're right. Thanks!
Lakshmi Potter
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 16:03

Ha! I really thought it was a childbirth. That was cute. And I adore the idea of Hermione writing her own history. Perfect.  

But I couldn't help but note the one detail of Remus Peter. Why Peter? I mean... it was basically Peter who killed Harry's Parents. I don't think he'd forgive him that or remember him by naming their child after him. Yeah, so just curious as to that point, though it's apropos to nothing.


Thursday 3rd February 2005 06:58Birth (Author Response)

I'll just point you to previous reviews and responses for the Peter question.

And another one fooled! YES!! :-)

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:33
The story was cute and I loved it but I only have one comment, why would Harry name one of his children after Peter Petigrew? This man betrayed his parents I would have thought that he would certainly not want to immortalize him but attaching his name to one of his children.  Other than that the story was cute.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:39Birth (Author Response)
As mentioned below, this started life as a happy but serious epilogue to another story, and that's where the names come from. More than that I will not say. :-)
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 14:55

Okay, very clever -- and very funny. And very Hermione. I do wonder, though, whether you meant to put in this possible typo:

"[...]he wrote Hogwarts: A History under a nome de plume" --?! I love the image that conjures up --  the gnome, sitting out in the garden with a red pointy hat on, writing his book...  Almost as funny as this story...

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:05Birth (Author Response)
Ah, I believe that that is the correct way to say 'pen name' in french. Not seeing a typo, even on careful re-examination...
Robert Owen
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 13:51

Bad Gridley!  Thou shalt not take Hogwarts A History in vain!  More! More!

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 15:01Birth (Author Response)
Hey, I'm not the one who had it be Hermione's Patronus!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:28
Very funny!  I loved it!!!

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:31Birth (Author Response)
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:25
*dies laughing*

I am getting the oddest looks here at work, I'm laughing so hard.

This was absolutely wonderful!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:31Birth (Author Response)
See? Harry Potter can be hazardous to your health!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 11:42
Well done.  Good use of humour.  Very subtle.  I didn't begin to suspect anything until the mention of Snape.

Thanks for sharing
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:12Birth (Author Response)
And Snape was a last minute addition. Heh. I'm glad I was able to fool people. :-)
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 10:54
Delightful twist!  Thanks for the fun.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:12Birth (Author Response)
I try. :-)
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 09:38
 WOW! That was AWESOME! definetley not what I was expecting! I loved it!
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:12Birth (Author Response)
Excellent! I was hoping I'd surprise at least a few people.
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 08:23

This is brilliant! At first, I was certain that the "birth" would be of Ron's first child, but with all the hints Ron was dropping I quickly decided I had guessed wrong.  Tell your sister I love her idea.  It's a very Hermione sort of thing to want to write the "truth" as she sees it, especially when she learned who the author of her favorite book really was.

By the way, I love the following sentiment from Harry.  Only a parent could think of such a thing:

Harry was glad that he had thought to cast a Silencing Charm in addition to the Sticking Charm Ginny had used to glue them to their chairs, or he was sure their ears would have suffered permanent damage by now.

I sometimes wish I could do the same to my three-year-old son who is as mischievous as Harry and Ginny's twins seem to be.

Great story! 

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:11Birth (Author Response)
I will pass that along to my sister - it would be just like him to leave out the house-elves, wouldn't it? And he IS the only other person at Hogwarts we know has read it (or at least, he knows you can't Apparate on Hogwarts grounds).
James and Lily 4eva
Wednesday 2nd February 2005 07:40

lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was great although, Remus PETER ????

Wednesday 2nd February 2005 12:10Birth (Author Response)
This started life as a possible epilogue to another story, but since that was supposed to be a relatively happy ending rather than a farce, you can see that things have changed a bit.