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Reviews For The Favour by RinnaMarie

Thursday 27th April 2006 06:18
The Favour
Oh excellent. This rules so much! Huzzah for randomly picking a fanfic to read!
Monday 7th November 2005 07:06
The Favour
Yeah, what? Sounds very interesting so far. Will you explain why neither of our favourite characters are an item?
Thursday 27th October 2005 13:57
The Favour
I seriously thought Harry was dying or something. Very surprising with this plot! I love it

Is there going to be a subplot with Harry and Ginny, may I wonder?
Wednesday 26th October 2005 16:23
The Favour

 Great job!! Oh, I LOVE this, it's sooo funny. For a moment, I thought Harry was doing some dangerous job and that's why he couldn't breathe...but I laughed so hard when it turned out he was just making fun of Ron. Awesome!! You are continuing this, correct? It seemed like the kind of story that would have a few chapters. Either way, please update soon! This is great!!


Sunday 23rd October 2005 11:29
The Favour
This lokks like it will be a wonderful story.  I can't wait to see more of it.
Friday 21st October 2005 16:14
The Favour

Hermione? A Curse breaker? hum.........

Very well written, I'll be following along for the ride, seeing how Ron interacts with the muggles is always fun.

Friday 21st October 2005 12:14
The Favour
This is brilliant! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter...

Yay! Ron's so funny. And You wrote Hermione very well. I'm wondering if there will be a side relationship with Harry and Ginny blossoming? I hope so!

Well done.