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Reviews For A Greater Love by parakletos

Sunday 20th April 2014 20:59
A Greater Love
Very nice turnaround at the end. Thanks for the story.
Monday 19th January 2009 01:06
A Greater Love
I didn't like how it started out, but a beautiful and plausible (slightly maybe) ending. Thank you.
Monday 19th January 2009 01:06
A Greater Love
I didn't like how it started out, but a beautiful and plausible (slightly maybe) ending. Thank you.
Thursday 27th March 2008 10:36
A Greater Love
nice story!!!
Haha i love how harry cheated death and described death :p
Wednesday 28th November 2007 15:20
A Greater Love
Love this story! Is there going to be a sequel??
Thursday 29th November 2007 01:31A Greater Love (Author Response)

glad you loved it, but there is no sequel.
Wednesday 24th October 2007 22:22
A Greater Love
so cute!!! very different then usually lol
Harry sorta cheating death lol. I like how you had death being female
Wednesday 12th September 2007 08:51
A Greater Love
Great story its a pity Tonks can't get the same gift as ginny.
Saturday 30th December 2006 19:35
A Greater Love
Oh, wow. That was brilliant. Heart-breaking and then wonderfully happy!! If only Remus could have... But I guess that'd be too much to ask. I love the descriptions and characterizations of everyone; they seem so real. Great job with this one. I really like the ending, too!
Thursday 9th November 2006 15:35
A Greater Love
How in the world did I miss this story from you? It's wonderful! Poor Ginny, I really felt her pain, her desperation and then her anger, guilt and ultimately hope and happiness when Harry came home to her. I love how you always find some way to inject a little humour into your stories ~ "Yeah, she. Good looking, too, if you like the Gothic look."

Snort. Poor Ginny. At least you gave Harry the smarts to quash her jealousy immediately.

What a wonderful story, I loved it!
Wednesday 1st November 2006 03:45
A Greater Love
I am glad to see that Ginny and Harry were reunited, yet I think he got out of it fairly well by only getting one slap in the face.
You could feel her grief throughout this, and the hope that he was alive and truly there in the room. Wow.
Monday 30th October 2006 03:18
A Greater Love
So it was you Now that I know for sure, I can leave a review without looking stupid had I made a mistake and guessed the wrong author

I really did like this fic; you went somewhat from your norm but stayed close enough to your "style" to tell it was you. I do love the wording (jealous mistress? a very nice touch ) and the explanation-which I thought was a tad short for my tastes (but I understand the word constraint on this fic so there wasn't much that could have been done)- was also well done. Love saving Harry from death is a common theme in the books and you played it out beautifully here. I think there was a quote from the books that went "You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us?" by Dumbledore and I think its quite appropriate for this story

Speaking of the characters, it was easy to relate to Ginny's bitterness. Its been five years since Harry's left, I wouldn't blame her for being cynical and sardonic. And the slap? That'll go down in the books

Great finish to a lovely story!
Sunday 29th October 2006 20:34
A Greater Love
Intriguing plan of Dumbledore’s, very clever. I particularly like Tonks and Ginny’s exchange. Very nicely written, your expression is beautiful.
Saturday 28th October 2006 20:19
A Greater Love
Interesting plot... rather dark. Probably a plot bunny that really should have been a rather long story... but this compact form is interesting enough. I did like the bit about death being a jealous mistress. : )
Saturday 28th October 2006 13:04
A Greater Love
Wow, great story. I loved Harry and Ginny's reunion... especially that Ginny's first reaction was to slap Harry.
St Margarets
Wednesday 25th October 2006 18:29
A Greater Love
Oh, very clever explanation for how Harry could be "dead" and still be able to come back. The magic she was going to perform was an intriguing idea as well. But poor Ginny - she went through a lot. No wonder she slapped him. I like how the ring - and Ginny - are shining brightly at the end.
Tuesday 24th October 2006 17:32
A Greater Love
Monday 23rd October 2006 18:23
A Greater Love
God, but I do love a happy ending. Great job.
Sunday 22nd October 2006 20:41
A Greater Love
I feel confident in saying that I have read your work before but, alas I cannot place pen to prose. Regardless, I have enjoyed this piece.

Oh, how the pain of loss can leave one feeling empty beyond imagine. But you especially provided excellent facts about pain. It can be eased and tempered through sharing with someone. It can also dull our senses to what is right in front of our face. And, it can also make someone desperate.

Ginny’s intense grief was there and can be felt in the way you describe her efforts to reunite with Harry. I give you props for your concept that Ginny’s unfailing love for Harry helped maintain his suspended death sentence, which limited its hold on him the longer she continued her vigil. Using scripture, especially such a powerful quote (one of the most meaningful to me) as a spell was choice.

I do have one small question about the ending but that can wait for later.

~Wonderful effort!~
Saturday 21st October 2006 01:34
A Greater Love
Great story good luck in the challenge
Wednesday 18th October 2006 14:00
A Greater Love
Beautiful. If you think about it, the death holding him captive part seems a bit implausible, but it fit together really nicely and your description of Ginny's feelings was marvellous and realistic. Thanks for sharing!
Wednesday 18th October 2006 00:37
A Greater Love
Nice work.
Tuesday 17th October 2006 14:58
A Greater Love
Very nice story -- very well told. Good luck in the competition!
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 17th October 2006 10:19
A Greater Love
Quite a surprise ending. I'm glad I did not stop at the ritual Ginny was performing.
Monday 16th October 2006 10:46
A Greater Love
Wow- heart-wrenching!