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Reviews For Time's Winged Chariot by girlyswot

Friday 28th December 2007 08:44
Time's Winged Chariot
The Potters sound just like my mum in law, taking in all the waifs and strays! I like how this kind of parallels the Weasley's acceptance of Harry. Great reading!
Grandma Kate
Sunday 28th January 2007 16:33
Time's Winged Chariot
Lovely! The elder Potters are very supportive but I have a couple of questions. Why does Mrs Potter smell of castor oil? Are flapjacks something other than pancakes?
Sunday 28th January 2007 17:04Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
I can't quite remember why I put in the castor oil, except that it was a thing I always associate with my grandparents generation. Flapjacks are nothing like pancakes, not even American ones! I've sent you a recipe so you can see for yourself.

Thanks for reviewing!
Saturday 23rd December 2006 20:21
Time's Winged Chariot
Wow....that was really good! Please update soon!
Tuesday 26th December 2006 10:42Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
Thanks! The story's basically all written and the next chapter's with my beta so shouldn't be too long.
Tuesday 12th December 2006 10:09
Time's Winged Chariot
I've been looking forward to reading your story while I was at uni today... It kept me from falling asleep during criminal law, it really did! And I haven't been disappointed.
Got to love your Potter family. And James is just too cute: He blushed and nodded awkwardly

Excellent work again, and I'm looking forward to more.
Tuesday 12th December 2006 12:45Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
Happy to provide a welcome distraction! And I'm glad you're not disappointed. I've just sent the third chapter to my beta so should be up fairly soon.
Connor Landon
Tuesday 28th November 2006 15:28
Time's Winged Chariot
Ooh, this was a good one! I love how accepting the Potters are of Lily and Sirius both.
Tuesday 28th November 2006 15:48Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it. This was one of my favourite chapters to write.
Monday 27th November 2006 13:17
Time's Winged Chariot
Yay! Thank you so much for these two updates - they brightened my day!
Monday 27th November 2006 13:42Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
You're welcome!
Monday 27th November 2006 09:42
Time's Winged Chariot
Very nice. You capture the family camraderie well.
Monday 27th November 2006 10:35Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
Thanks. If only real-life families were this nice!
Sunday 26th November 2006 21:24
Time's Winged Chariot
Oh! That was so sweet!

I really enjoyed this chapter, especially bringing Sirius into the mix. It was fun.
Monday 27th November 2006 06:54Time's Winged Chariot (Author Response)
Thanks - I enjoyed writing this one too!