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Reviews For Long Love's Day by girlyswot

Ocean Dream
Sunday 22nd February 2009 16:33
Long Love's Day
Found this just today... Oh, so sweet!
Monday 1st September 2008 16:38
Long Love's Day
lily should have ran done and kissed him :p
Saturday 29th December 2007 07:20
Long Love's Day
Aww poor Lily! She has such a struggle accepting her feelings for James but I'm glad she goes for it in the end and the card sounds wonderful, if only all men were as caring and thoughtful as James!
Tuesday 11th December 2007 07:38
Long Love's Day
Aww, how sweet. (Hey, I tried to look up synonyms for sweet but they didn't quite fit. I mean, it would sound like an insult if I said your story was charming or *shudder* quaint.) So I reiterate, what a sweet story!
Tuesday 27th November 2007 16:06
Long Love's Day
This is a great little fic. Now I must read Jame's point of view.
Monday 12th November 2007 03:54
Long Love's Day
ah, this is great! I've never read a james/lily fic before but I absolutely loved this. you're a great author! I'm glad I've got so much of your stuff to catch up on!
Friday 16th November 2007 19:46Long Love's Day (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it. This is one of my favourite stories too - James and Lily are really fun to write.
Tuesday 6th March 2007 00:38
Long Love's Day
Lovely! And so funny.
Tuesday 6th March 2007 05:49Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Aqua Fountain*
Tuesday 20th February 2007 04:38
Long Love's Day
That's sweet.
But I've never imagined anything like that. Anyways, it's still very good.
Tuesday 20th February 2007 05:35Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Monday 19th February 2007 11:33
Long Love's Day
I'm not sure what to say. James and Lily are often shown in a manner that I wonder how they made it at all. You've made it just believable, though.
Monday 19th February 2007 11:39Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Well, thanks, I think. I've just sent my beta a companion piece to this from James's POV which may help to persuade you. Or you could try my longer L/J fics in which I try to show how they've grown up and grown together a bit. I wrote them both because I too was frustrated with all those Lily-hates-James-then-suddenly-falls-in-love-with-the-arrogant-git-for-no-reason fics.
Sunday 18th February 2007 09:54
Long Love's Day
This was incredibly sweet and emotional - I felt like I was with Lily the whole time. Wonderful job and original idea - this is the best James/Lily story I've read yet.
Sunday 18th February 2007 11:32Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you so much - I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
Saturday 17th February 2007 07:56
Long Love's Day
This is the best Lily and James one shot I've ever read. They are my second favorite couple in the HP world right after Harry and Ginny. I could just truly see those scenes happening for real in my mind. So funny, and sweet, and romantic all rolled up in one.

Congratulations on your award, you definitely deserved it. This was the first time I've ever read any of your work, so now, I'm going to have to go back and read all of your Lily and James work.

I'm not sure if this has been done, but your story had me thinking. You should write a Valentine story on them from first year all the way through to seventh year. I would love to see how their friendship/relationship started from the beginning, even tho Lily thought he was a stupid git to begin with. If you hadn't already done this, you should consider it. It would definitely be a worthy read.

Again, Congrats on a wonderful one shot of LJ.
Saturday 17th February 2007 08:43Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thanks so much - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you like the other stories.

I'm not sure I could sustain 7 years worth of Valentine's Days, but I'm currently working on telling this story from James's POV, so you might enjoy that when it's done.

Thanks for such an encouraging review.
Saturday 17th February 2007 06:35
Long Love's Day
This was a really wonderful story. I loved how your characterization of Lily, she's exactly the way I imagined her to be. And the end just warms my heart.

Congrats on a most excellent story and your win. It was definitely the right choice
Saturday 17th February 2007 06:50Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and leave such a kind review. It was a fun challenge.
Friday 16th February 2007 09:29
Long Love's Day
I... speechless... perfect... story. Amazing!!
I loved the ending!! So sweet.
Friday 16th February 2007 09:53Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it.
Thursday 15th February 2007 18:08
Long Love's Day
I couldn't review as I was judging, but I thought that this was far and a way the best entry.

Ouch Parakletos, I can't say that didn't hurt a little.

Ah well good work girlyswot, I too really enjoyed your story. Congrats on your victory.

Thursday 15th February 2007 18:16Long Love's Day (Author Response)

Yours was very funny and sweet and I thought you did a good job of making it a plausible 'missing moment' despite so many canon restrictions.
Thursday 15th February 2007 12:04
Long Love's Day
I couldn't review as I was judging, but I thought that this was far and a way the best entry.
Thursday 15th February 2007 15:39Long Love's Day (Author Response)
That's so kind - thank you for taking the trouble to leave a review now.
St Margarets
Thursday 15th February 2007 11:51
Long Love's Day
Oh, very sweet. You do such a great job with tension in this and setting the scene. All of your OCs were fully realized and I liked the touch with Irma Pince. LOL Poor Lily. And of course James wouldn't give up. I would swoon over a drawing like that as well. I can see why this won first place! Congratulations again!
Thursday 15th February 2007 15:38Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!! There wasn't originally quite so much tension or scene-setting. It was just a short prologue to my Lily/James fic which in the end I abandoned because it was too similar to the first proper chapter. Anyway, it seemed to fit the Valentine's Day challenge except that it was only just over 1000 words. So lots of the extra tension and details are as a result of me having to make it three times as long!! But actually I do think that the extra scenes and the interactions with other characters like the mirror and the Fat Lady do add to the tension, and Lily's frustration. Plus they were really fun to write! I had a ghost, a mirror, a painting and a librarian - so lots of scope for the imagination.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Wednesday 14th February 2007 21:00
Long Love's Day
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:42Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Tuesday 13th February 2007 08:13
Long Love's Day
This was SO romantic. I loved it. LOVED it!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:41Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!!
Monday 12th February 2007 18:42
Long Love's Day
Very sweet story! One question- I thought Fred and George bred the first Pygmy Puffs, as a crossbreed between puffskeins and something else... didnt they?
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:41Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you! You may be right about the Pygmy puffs - ah well!
Saturday 10th February 2007 11:28
Long Love's Day
So sweet!!!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:40Long Love's Day (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it.
Saturday 10th February 2007 07:35
Long Love's Day
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:39Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Friday 9th February 2007 15:18
Long Love's Day
Perfect. So romantic!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:39Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Friday 9th February 2007 02:31
Long Love's Day
words don't do that justice so hopefully the emoticon does!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:39Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Aah! Thank you.
Thursday 8th February 2007 21:32
Long Love's Day
This fic made me laugh and sigh all at the same time! My heart is full to bursting, it was son wonderful! I think the valentine James gave her has to be the one of the most romantic valentines ever! If I were Lily, I would have jumped up and ran down to kiss James! Then again, she's pretty srubborn and thick headed... and blind! Her resemblance to Harry was so uncanny in this fic, I loved it!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:38Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Hee hee. I always try to write James like Harry but you're not the first person to comment on how my Lily also resembles him! I'm glad you liked the fic - I think James was a real romantic at heart. Lily's not quite at the running down to kiss him stage, but they're getting there. Thanks for reviewing.
Thursday 8th February 2007 21:20
Long Love's Day
Wow. I wasn't very sure about the title, but the end sure brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on a lovely story!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:37Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Ah, thank you! The title is actually taken from the same poem as the other two stories in my James/Lily series and it seemed to me to fit this fic perfectly.
Thursday 8th February 2007 14:23
Long Love's Day
That was so sweet. Poor Lily, though they both get what they want in the end. You did a wonderful job!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:36Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you! Yes, it's hard being a teenager and confused about your feelings. Still, we know it all worked out in the end.
Thursday 8th February 2007 09:08
Long Love's Day
What a lovely story, well written with sweet and entertaining details. I loved the line about the Fat Lady being an "elephantine Eros..."--that was hilarious and painted a very clear picture!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:35Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thanks so much. I had lots of fun with those Valentine's details so I'm glad you enjoyed them too.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 8th February 2007 08:08
Long Love's Day
Very romantic with vivid imagery.
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:34Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thanks, Kate!
Thursday 8th February 2007 03:15
Long Love's Day
Oh, poor Lily... *sniggers* She really doesn't know what she feels yet, does she? Or rather - she's not ready to accept it. I loved Nick's ideas of a romantic night, he really is the chivalrous sort.

Thursday 15th February 2007 05:34Long Love's Day (Author Response)
No, she's pretty confused most of the time. I had fun with Nick, too - ghosts can do almost anything! Thanks for reviewing.
Wednesday 7th February 2007 21:27
Long Love's Day
Very nice job! I loved watching Lily try to pretend she wasn't hurt by the fact that James had supposedly forogtten about her. The ending was wonderful as well. Although I would have liked to seen Lily confront James about the present, it was a fitting ending.
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:33Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd really like to try and write this from James's point or view too, so maybe that might include their next confrontation.
Wednesday 7th February 2007 19:43
Long Love's Day
it was lovely!cool!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:32Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Wednesday 7th February 2007 17:36
Long Love's Day
This is one of my favorites - a cynical Lily and Valentine's Day clearly do not mix and James sending her gifts every year! I loved the inner struggle between Lily not wanting to care about James' gift and her (desparately hidden) disappointment in his forgetfulness.

'I hadn't forgotten, Lily. You'll always be my Valentine.' made me cry at the end and James finally understanding what she wanted- what a perfect ending. Great job!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:31Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thanks so much - that's really what I was trying to convey. I'm glad you liked it.
Wednesday 7th February 2007 17:32
Long Love's Day
Aw. I like this.
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:30Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!
Wednesday 7th February 2007 15:41
Long Love's Day
'‘Up Cupid’s…’ muttered Lily' -- is that very Lilyish?
I like how Lily pushes James away and yet is upset he isn't paying attention to her on Valentine's -- nice ending
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:30Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Hee hee - I think any of us could respond like that, if suitably provoked! I'm glad you enjoyed it; thanks for reviewing.
Wednesday 7th February 2007 15:00
Long Love's Day
I love it! So incredibly sweet. Good work!
Thursday 15th February 2007 05:29Long Love's Day (Author Response)
Thank you!