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Reviews For Lopsided by RIPHedwig

Monday 5th April 2010 08:41
This was kind of depressing, but I liked it. I'd been trying to decide ever since the fourth grade when I first read the Harry Potter series which twin would end up with who. I know that in one book (can't remember which; but I think it was the 4th or 3rd) Fred asked Angelina to go to the ball with him. but then Fred died, and i wasn't sure wether or not George got married; and now thanks to your story, I can decide. Any way great story, I lived it!
Saturday 1st November 2008 16:42
Nice, sweet. Well done, another great piece.
Hol xX
Saturday 1st November 2008 16:42
Nice, sweet. Well done, another great piece.
Hol xX
Thursday 31st July 2008 02:56
Great story. It's always nice to read a little from the perspective of someone other than the "usual suspects"

I enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!
Thursday 31st July 2008 12:08Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you! Yeah, this was my first fic... I was trying something different, hoping it would get accepted! Although my more recent fics are from the POV of the 'usual suspects', check out Platform Goodbyes for a bit of Teddy!
I'm glad you liked it... I'll keep writing!!
Monday 12th May 2008 16:03
nice story
i was a lil confused though... was angelina with george in the book or was that katie... lol i cant remember...
Tuesday 13th May 2008 08:55Lopsided (Author Response)
In HP Angelina is with Fred, then, of course, Fred dies. In an interview after DH, JKR said George married Angelina so this is my take on how they got together!
Lol, hope that's unconfused you! B
Fics by Fumph
Saturday 10th May 2008 06:32
This was a wonderful take on the Kiss challenge, and you handled it very well.

I know a lot of people were upset when JKR said that George and Angelina eventually got together, but it was never a problem for me. I never saw it as Angelina seeing George as a replacement for Fred. As you said here, George is his own person.

I liked how it gradually built from that initial, reactionary kiss to a full fledged relationship. You made it feel completely natural, not forced.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you.
Saturday 10th May 2008 10:40Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you so much!
No, I didn't have a problem with Angelina and George either, but I sort of wanted to justify it - for myself and others, and that's why I wrote Lopsided. I liked the idea of Angelina liking both the twins before Fred's death, as I can't imagine she'd just switch from one to the other when he died. Thanks again! B
Friday 9th May 2008 20:17
Very nice story. I hope to see more of your stories here. If we do, it will be interesting to watch your style evolve.
Saturday 10th May 2008 10:37Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you. Once I get past those wonderful things they call GCSEs, I will be writing more! Thanks for your review!
Friday 9th May 2008 03:24
This is really good. Two people that really care for each other and have a love for another that can't be there anymore. This would be really difficult in so many ways. Thanks for writing. You did a great job. p
Friday 9th May 2008 09:35Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Thursday 8th May 2008 17:42
When I first saw that JKR had paired Angelina and George together in the end, I was shocked, to put it mildly. Your story really brought out the questions that I had, and answered them, and I can't think of a more perfect way for George and Angelina to finally be together.

Your writing is amazing, by the way. The way you conveyed their pain and grief was so good that I could feel every heartache that both of them felt. That was truly a great story, and I'm really, really glad I read this!
Friday 9th May 2008 09:41Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you!
Having lost a lot of people, I find it very difficult when writers ignore or skip over grief - it's such a massive thing to go through! So I felt compelled to write something about the relatives and friends left behind (often, so much is focused on those who died), and lighted upon Angelina and George - I find theirs a very interesting story line and loved coming up the stages they went through to get together!
Professor Webster
Thursday 8th May 2008 16:13
What a lovely story! A few awkward moments ( story wise not plot wise )All in all very well done
Friday 9th May 2008 09:35Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you so much!
Thursday 8th May 2008 12:38
When I'm sitting here reading your story, with tears running down my face, it's hard to remember that these are just fictional characters.

fine writing - keep it up. And thank you.
Thursday 8th May 2008 13:59Lopsided (Author Response)
wow! I can't believe I made you cry!
Now, this may sound odd, but I've always wished I could make someone cry with my writing! So, wow, I did it with my first - published - story! Thanks!!
Thursday 8th May 2008 12:00
what a lovely little piece, thanks
Thursday 8th May 2008 13:56Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you!!
Grandma Kate
Thursday 8th May 2008 10:39
It may take me a while to be comfortable with George and Angelina but your story has helped.

This was nice-
George's face lit with something like happiness, something Angelina had not seen on his face for a long, long time.
Thursday 8th May 2008 13:56Lopsided (Author Response)
Thanks for your review!
This story was inspired when JK Rowling said in 'A Year In The Life...' that some people may see Angelina/George as a little 'unhealthy'. I wanted to write something to show that it was maybe a little odd - with links to Fred - but just mainly a sweet pairing.
Thursday 8th May 2008 10:17
This is lovely! Great storyline, and your pacing was dead-on. A nice detail: you mention Kingsly and his partner, which gives this story a nice ring of authenticity; I don't think that, even in the tiny Wizarding society, that every teenager knows the name of the PM's significant. Bravo!
Thursday 8th May 2008 10:58Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you, these reviews mean so much!
And yes, that's what I thought. I wanted there to be some mystery - something to leave to the reader's imagination. Politicians are a secret lot, even in the wizarding world!
Wednesday 7th May 2008 23:58
This is not awful at all. Concise, to the point, yet rather sweet.

Well done you!
Thursday 8th May 2008 09:09Lopsided (Author Response)
Thank you!!
Wednesday 7th May 2008 22:50
I've been wondering for a while how Angelina and George got together, and I really liked your take on it! It wasn't perfect--it was painful and awkward, but it highlights both of them.

Good job!
Thursday 8th May 2008 09:08Lopsided (Author Response)
It wasn't perfect--it was painful and awkward

That's what I was aiming for and I'm so pleased you picked up on it. I wanted to show it wouldn't be easy. After all, they've both just lost a best friend/brother/lover, so they're obviously greiving, and I think sometimes people forget that. Thanks for your review!