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Reviews For Coming Home by RIPHedwig

Tuesday 21st February 2012 20:09
Coming Home
Monday 20th February 2012 21:43
Coming Home
Wednesday 30th December 2009 10:05
Coming Home
That was a very enjoyable story you should keep it up
Saturday 13th March 2010 05:28Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you, I've got another one in the making, but it's a bit more angsty than this one...
Sunday 27th September 2009 06:54
Coming Home
Nice story

Saturday 13th March 2010 05:28Coming Home (Author Response)
thank you
Monday 20th July 2009 15:58
Coming Home
that was awesome, you should write another!
Saturday 13th March 2010 05:27Coming Home (Author Response)
aha so tempting... revision...? Naaah
Sunday 14th December 2008 17:35
Coming Home
Aww that was so sweet! i really enjoyed reading that so thank you!!!
Friday 9th January 2009 16:01Coming Home (Author Response)
You're very welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, B
Thursday 25th September 2008 15:56
Coming Home
I'm sitting here with a wide smile on my face after reading that, was well written and heart warming!!!
Saturday 27th September 2008 15:06Coming Home (Author Response)
Oh, good, I made someone smile! That brightens my day!
I'm glad you liked it!
Friday 1st August 2008 12:34
Coming Home
Brilliant. That's all I can say. Your writing gets better every time you let me read your stuff and I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to reading more, especially what you and Trine are putting together.
Apart from a few slight grammar issues, the only thing is that you make out that James has black hair, but I thought he was auburn? Loved the don't drink and disapparate thing, and your ideas a really great. You can literally see it getting better as it goes on.
Well done!
Lovies, Hxx
Saturday 2nd August 2008 03:21Coming Home (Author Response)
Thanks, sweet!
Yes well the ideas are flapping around in my head, wanting to be written, only I have no time! lol.
Well I change the kids features in every story because I can't decide what they actually look like. Anyway, thank you, and you should probs get up soon!
Wednesday 30th July 2008 17:38
Coming Home
Thursday 31st July 2008 11:30Coming Home (Author Response)
Wednesday 30th July 2008 17:11
Coming Home
I love all of your stories and this one was a great one again! I love the transitions and how the story ended in a full circle!
Thursday 31st July 2008 11:31Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the style and the rest of my stories! Keep reviewing... It means a lot!
Wednesday 30th July 2008 16:02
Coming Home
God, I love these kinds of fics so much, and yours is just lovely. It was great that you incorporated just the tiniest bit of the epilogue into the story's continuity without missing a beat. I love how enamored Harry and Ginny are with each other even after all these years and three children. Brilliantly done and a wonderful read!
Thursday 31st July 2008 11:34Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you sooo much! Yeah, I felt I needed to have the eplogue scene in, but I didn't want to just rewrite JKR's words, so I just continued that scene, which I really enjoyed doing! I'm glad you like Harry and Ginny's relationship... to be honest, I can't really imagine them not being all loved up!
Thanks again, B
Grandma Kate
Wednesday 30th July 2008 12:58
Coming Home
What a wonderful life you have spun for the Potters! Well done.
Thursday 31st July 2008 11:38Coming Home (Author Response)
Thanks, that was the plan - to make them happy!
James and Lily 4eva
Wednesday 30th July 2008 11:45
Coming Home
lovely, lovely, lovely!
Thursday 31st July 2008 11:30Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you for your lovely review!! Just had a v long shift at work - you made me !
Wednesday 30th July 2008 09:07
Coming Home
Loved it. A perfect picture album of the family that Harry always yearned for and finally was blest with. Well done and a delightful read.
Wednesday 30th July 2008 11:02Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you! That's why I wrote it, to give Harry the family he's always wanted, becasue although we got a snapshot at the end of DH, I guess I wanted the full album! I'm glad you enjoyed it! B
Wednesday 30th July 2008 07:08
Coming Home
Absoltutely delightful, entertaining and uplifting. Yay!
Wednesday 30th July 2008 07:43Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Wednesday 30th July 2008 04:43
Coming Home
This is very good. I like the little glimpses of their lives as the children arrived and as other milestones rolled along. This is very well done. Thanks for writing. p
Wednesday 30th July 2008 07:45Coming Home (Author Response)
Thank you very much, your reviews mean a lot!