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Reviews For Connection by Fics by Fumph

Monday 12th March 2012 16:36
Thursday 8th September 2011 10:22
Cute story! Im glad that harry and dudley reconnected!
Just wondering, did you post this somewhere else? I feel like I've read this before...
Thursday 8th September 2011 10:24Connection (Author Response)
Thanks! This has been posted at SIYE and at LiveJournal.
Monday 5th September 2011 14:36
Nice story! It seems very believable to me that Harry would want Dudley to come to his wedding.
Thursday 8th September 2011 10:23Connection (Author Response)
Thank you very much!
Monday 5th September 2011 02:45
This is a great one-shot. I really like the way that Harry said he wanted to ask his Aunt, Uncle and Dudley to the wedding. Ginny had a great idea about meeting them beforehand to get the "awkwardness" over with. That was a great idea. I'm glad they waited long enough for Dudley to get there. I can understand why Harry was suspicious about Dudley. He was a completely different person than he was when Harry saw him last. I think it would be great for Harry to have at least one blood family member there at his wdding. Very well done. It would make a good beginning for a longer fic if you wanted to. Thanks for writing. p
Thursday 8th September 2011 10:23Connection (Author Response)
Thanks! I doubt I'll ever expand it into a longer fic, but you never know.
Wednesday 31st August 2011 14:52
What a great chapter for pre-wedding nerves. Well done, you.
Saturday 3rd September 2011 14:42Connection (Author Response)
Thank you!
Tuesday 30th August 2011 17:44
This was quite pleasing to read. it's well written with believable characterisations. I like stories with Dudley growing in his relationship with Harry. We saw the first step in DH, then the remark about them exchanging Christmas cards made by JKR could lead to this sort of person.
Saturday 3rd September 2011 14:43Connection (Author Response)
Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!
Tuesday 30th August 2011 01:45
That was great! I love stories where Dudley has become human and decides to be nice to Harry. I love especially here that he's dating a witch!
Saturday 3rd September 2011 14:44Connection (Author Response)
I'm hoping we'll get a little bit of information about post-Deathly Hallows Dudley on Pottermore! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
Monday 29th August 2011 22:28
I absolutely adore this story! Your Dudley has grown up so much from what he was in the books; I suppose people change quite drastically in five years and all of Dudley's changes have been for the better, it apears. The job of bouncer seems to suit him quite well and the fact that he learned to embrace magic while the Dursleys were in hiding is definitely a step in the right direction. Like Harry, I'm stunned and quite pleased that Dudley's serious about a witch. I'd love to read a story wherein Harry and Ginny go to Dudley's wedding and the bride was magical.

You did a nice job, too, of showing Harry's resignation that his aunt wouldn't show for the meeting because Vernon was still so stuck in his ways. (Those two are never going to change, even if Dudley nearly convinced his mum that she should come with him to meet Ginny.) Harry's surprise and eventual suspicion that Dudley might not be who he claims go right along with his job and how he must act at work. I'm glad that he was eventually able to relax around Dudley enough to realize that while they'd never be bosom buddies, they could actually hold a civilized conversation.

I've read this story twice and am going to read it a third time because it fulfils my idea of the people Harry, Ginny and Dudley have come to be as young adults.

I give this story for giving me the desire to read it multiple times.
Saturday 3rd September 2011 14:44Connection (Author Response)
Thank you for such a lovely, thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.