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Reviews For How I Brought them Together by Dellaran

Monday 11th July 2011 08:30
How I Brought them Together
That's so cute!! I love this part:
Oh, look at Crookshanks curled up over there, the sweetie. He looks so smug - I suppose he thinks this is all his doing.
Aqua Fountain*
Tuesday 24th April 2007 07:08
How I Brought them Together
Sweet story. Mrs Norris - Priscilla ??? Great little fic
Friday 4th November 2005 04:54
How I Brought them Together
HAHAHAHAHA! That was hilarious! I loved it. Great job. ^^ It was so awesome. The way you did Crookshanks? *collapses into helpless giggles* Ah... Fantastic. You should do another one where he tries to get Harry and Ginny together! I didn't want this one to end, lol. Well, anyway, great job with it, it was mah-velous, dahling! xD
Wednesday 23rd February 2005 16:03
How I Brought them Together
This was marvelous--I can't believe I hadn't read it before!  Simply superb, and a great way of telling the story from an unusual point of view.  You must have cats; you've got him down perfectly!  
Saturday 20th November 2004 23:55
How I Brought them Together

Oh this is funny. I laughed my ass off, hell I still laughing. while reading this one of 3 cats that adopted me, comes up and walks by on my keyboard, then stops and lays down on my keyboard..... cats love me, there just like women, cant live with them, cant live without them.....

I loved this story and crookshanks pov was brilliant. you have a great imagination and you definitly have gift for writing. everything, every sentence went together perfectly....

Thursday 2nd September 2004 02:37
How I Brought them Together
AWESOME STORY CROOKSHANKS ROCKS Thanks for a laugh when I needed it I hope you do another "Crookshank Chronicle" soon Thanks again