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Reviews For My Favorite Things by Trystym&Delylah

Sunday 17th April 2011 16:15
My Favorite Things
Great poem (:

Sunday 15th February 2009 16:54
My Favorite Things
Yay! More! Dumbledore, McGonnagal, Sirius, Fred&George, Lupin, Tonks, Mad Eye, ... More!

Saturday 10th November 2007 11:36
My Favorite Things
hahaha that was so funny!

Sunday 19th August 2007 04:17
My Favorite Things
funny. some of the timing could be better.
Monday 26th March 2007 14:59
My Favorite Things
Nice loved it+
Tuesday 8th August 2006 11:51
My Favorite Things
Thats a funny and cool poem I loved it! I could even tell who was who!
Monday 7th August 2006 15:52
My Favorite Things
That was so funny. Hope you do another one!!
Monday 12th June 2006 03:14
My Favorite Things
*points and hollars to her friends* This is good. I like this one! *laughs*
scarlet ink
Saturday 18th March 2006 22:31
My Favorite Things
i love it! the sound of music and harry potter are two of my favorite things.
Bella Tidus
Wednesday 1st March 2006 18:48
My Favorite Things
Oh, I absolutely love this song! I song the whole thing outloud too.

Sound of Music = My favorite Musical.
Harry Potter = My Favorite Series.
Sound of Music + Harry Potter = Happy Bella!
Sunday 27th November 2005 09:04
My Favorite Things
absolutely fantastic!! i had to read it a few times over to work out who was singing which verse at the beginning, but having done that it was so great!! you should do some more of this!
Saturday 3rd September 2005 01:48
My Favorite Things
When I finally figured out that there was only one verse per HP character instead of two as there are in the song, your poem was much easier to sing in my head!  This is absolutely delightful...I have a piano student who is an HP fan and she's just started playing "My Favorite Things"; I'm going to show your poem to her and we'll sing it as she plays.  Thanks for sharing this delightful poem.  I have no favorite verses because they're all quite good.
Saturday 20th August 2005 09:25
My Favorite Things


That is hilarious.  My favorite:

Toadstools and frog bile and nasty old classes,
Giving detention to kids with eyeglasses
Torturing Miss Granger, who stole my lacewings,
These are a few of my favorite things!

When I cross dress with a buzzard,
Or I'm upside down,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And turn that old frown around!

'bout fell off the couch laughing.  Thanks for the great way to start a Saturday. :rotfl: