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Author: Lady Chi

Discovering Lily (Teens) WIP
Word count:42,675
After a series of dreams, a pregnant Ginny is inspired to learn more about Lily Potter.

Skinwalker (Teens) WIP
Word count:3,804
What does the Harry Potter fandom need more of? Zombies, pirates and things that go bump in the night, of course! Harry and Ginny use much-needed holiday time to help out an old friend protect the children at his school from a threat much more insidious than it first seems. Written for the Taking it in Turns LJ community's "Keeping Secrets" gift exchange.

A Season for Closure (Mature) Completed
Word count:8,566
Harry's just starting his career as an Auror when he gets a call
he's been waiting for. But achieving closure for the whole Weasley family
won't be as easy as he thought.

Things Learnt In Darkness (Teens) Completed
Word count:2,092
Remus Lupin spends his first New Year's alone after the death of Lily and James.

With All My Love (Teens) Completed
Word count:60,540
Seventh year starts off with a bang for Lily, James and the Marauders. Voldemort is rising to power, Remus is in danger, and Lily and James are falling in love... Can they face Voldemort and live? Can they face each other
and live? Read and find out!

Double Trouble (Teens) Completed
Word count:54,062
The "Tested In Fire" universe continues in this fic as Harry and Ginny struggle with their new twin boys, Ron and Hermione strive to keep their relationship intact despite the stress of Ron's job, and something mysterious happens to Sirius.

"Gred And Forge's Complete Guide To Getting Yourself Into More Trouble Than Is Absolutely Necessary, Part The First" (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,984
None... I think the title pretty much says it all, don't you?

A Most Eventful Night (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,189
Remus and Anna have a most eventful night. This is from the "Tested in Fire" universe.

And So It Goes (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,916
A brief portrait of Remus and Anna's relationship. A song fic, "And So It Goes", by Billy Joel. From the "Tested In Fire" Universe

Correspondence (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:7,874
The letters between Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley during Ginny's seventh year. They grow as a couple, and as individuals as they face their fears together. Anna and Remus have a special announcement, and Ron and Hermione make a Very Important Decision. This is a part of the "Tested In Fire" universe.

Dragons from Charlie (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,805
The third Weasley brothers series. Ginny tells us about her relationship with her brother, Charlie.

Fire and Rain (Everyone) Completed
Word count:896
Remus reflects.

For My Baby (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,095
A Mother’s Day story about true love and the bond between mother and child.

Ginny's Surprise (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,350
Ginny has something she wants to tell Harry, but circumstances keep getting in the way! Sequel to "Just Us Girls" and part of the "Tested in Fire" world.

Just Us Girls (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,213
Ginny and Hermione have an eventful day.

Rain (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,894
Lily reflects on her life after the death of her mother.

Spilled Ink: A 2006 Anniversary Challenge (Teens) Completed
Word count:2,971
On a large anniversary, a lot is at stake for both Harry Potter and a young reporter named Ashling Aquafine.

Taking Care of Harry (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,980
Returning to The Burrow for the summer, Harry finds comfort in the arms of someone... shall we say... unexpected?

Tested In Fire (Teens) Completed
Word count:79,658
A prophecy that Harry knows nothing about threatens to ruin his sixth year as he grows closer to Ginny.

The Quiz (Teens) Completed
Word count:2,788
Lily's venture into "Witch Weekly" for "curiosity's sake" leads her down a very sweet and steamy path to Memory Lane.

Editor's warning: This story contains adult situations and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Thoughts of Ron (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,398
Ginny takes some time to reflect on Ron's new engagement, and their relationship.

Untitled (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,595
Arthur gets to go home early to work and spends the evening with Ginny. Major fluff alert!

Waltzing with Bill (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,166
Ginny's reflections on her oldest brother.

Where I Want to Be (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,041
Ron and Hermione's first kiss. Based on the "Tested in Fire" universe.

Author: Lady G

Author: Lady Padfoot

Black Shadows (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:910
Sirius's thoughts the night he "finally gets away from this place".

Many thanks to my beta, Gerry.

The Black Rose (Everyone) Completed
Word count:465
A glimpse into the mind of a seventh year Bellatrix Black. The "other side of the story" to Black Shadows

Twelve Years Later (Everyone) Completed
Word count:740
After hearing about Sirius' escape from Azkaban, Remus reflects on his friendship with him and wonders how he ever could have trusted him

Author: Lady Whizbee

The Skullduggery of Muckle Delight (Teens) WIP
Word count:40,817
The war with Voldemort is over, but the remaining Death Eaters do not intend to go down peacefully and, to make matters worse, there is a new Dark power rising. Will Harry find it within himself to fight again?

A Reason (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,198
A series of six missing moments from Ginny's point-of-view right before Harry leaves The Burrow to find Horcruxes.

A Turnip for Luck (Everyone) Completed
Word count:3,512
It wasn't as if he wasn't interested in meeting new women.
He was. It was just that there was so much pressure attached to that first conversation. He had to be interesting, and witty, and clever, and he had to have more than one interesting, one witty and one clever thing to say. And, in total, that was *very* hard work. After all, what could he say that was all that profound? He was just Neville Longbottom.

For Now (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,207

“So,” she says, settling back into her chair, cradling her tea, “what will you do now with the whole world set before you?”

The whole world…I think to myself…the whole wide world.

But I’ve already chosen, haven’t I? I’ve been playing professional Quidditch now for a full year and then there’s Harry…sweet, adorable…Harry—and my friends, of course, and family…and George’s shop…and sometimes accompanying Luna on her wild hunts.

Hmmm...but…the whole wide world…

Making Lemonade (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,285
Ginny makes lemonade on a hot summer day. A short story about lemons, laughter and, most importantly, love.

Possession (Teens) Completed
Word count:3,161
An ache resonates, deep under her ribs—in the pit of her stomach. And despite the fact that she will be Quidditch Captain this year, and despite the fact that Hermione is coming back to school with her — this gnawing still lingers.

She can ignore it. She can find all sorts of ways to distract the inevitable and pretend it isn’t there. But time is fleeting, and it won’t be long before she’s boarding a train and leaving the one person that she doesn’t want to leave. Ever again.

Simple Moments (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,121
Life’s biggest revelations can happen when you least expect them.

The Dinner — Delays, Mishaps, and Disgruntled Toads (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,754
Neville checked on the lamb for what had to be the millionth time. It was going to burn — destiny had foretold it — it was bound to happen since he had offered to cook dinner for Susan... well, and for Harry and Ginny... but now really just for Susan. What had he been thinking? He nervously threw the pair of oven mitts onto the dish drainer and ran a hand through his hair. Yes, definitely, pure insanity... he was slowly going insane.

The Knowing (Teens) Completed
Word count:1,993
The air blankets Ginny even more warmly here, musty and still with sleep. If she listens hard, she can hear the sounds of sleep-even breathing just on the other side of the walls. It must be two in the morning, at least. Involuntarily, her eyes gaze at the stairwell leading up to Ron’s room and she wonders... dares... should she? They haven’t spoken — there’s been no time in the last three days. Harry has barely been around with all of the meetings and funerals, and when he is, there have been no words, only glances.

Meaningful glances... but still... does she dare?

This Wish (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,540
Somehow, deep inside, Ginny knew that they would come. That he would come. And that it would be tonight. She hoped in time for dinner but then, any time would do. She wasn't really picky.

This story was written prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Turning Leaves (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,062
Neville twists his butterbeer in his hands, pretending to study the bottle but ignoring it completely. So this is what it feels like… this tender shoot of a feeling… change… it’s different, but welcome. And while this comes unexpectedly, it feels right… this… this… her… and maybe it’s time. It certainly could be time. Definitely time. After all, seasons change.

Author: Ladybug

Half-Blood Prince Drabbles (Young Teens) WIP
Word count:1,078
A collection of missing moments from Half-Blood Prince.

A Whole Minute (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:9,197
A minute can be a defining moment, a turning point, or just another episode in what makes you the person you are. A minute, for Seamus Finnigan, can last an inordinately long time or pass in the blink of an eye. But every minute makes him who he is.

The Incontrovertible Truth (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,583
What are the questions that have been haunting Dumbledore throughout his life? More importantly, what are the answers? A sequel to "In the Twinkling of an Eye".

[21 July 2009] Dear Readers, I am completely touched and delighted that today this little story reached 3000 hits, which for one of mine is an extraordinary achievement. Thank you to all those who've read and re-read - hope you've enjoyed it and I'm honoured that you come back to visit it. Ladybug.

In the Twinkling of an Eye (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,792
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, the wizard whose eyes twinkle, is about to embark on the next great adventure. (A missing moment from HBP)

Scrolls of Parchment (Everyone) Completed
Word count:10,111
A series of missing moments from HBP. Dumbledore arranges Harry’s private lessons during sixth year via a scroll of parchment delivered by other students. Why was it Jack Sloper who delivered Dumbledore’s first message to Harry? How did Dumbledore choose the other messengers - Ginny, Hermione, Luna and Jimmy Peakes? Albus Dumbledore is a man of many messages, and they’re not all for Harry Potter.

Homework (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,288
A couple of first-year Gryffindors undertake some research to solve a difficult ... er ... 'homework' problem.

Thrice (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,998
Three Order members discuss some new intelligence about Voldemort.
[Written for the PS Short'n'Sweet 2005 Challenge]

Swamp Day (Everyone) Completed
Word count:2,030
Some days deserve to be remembered. [Written for the PS Anniversary Challenge 2006]

In the Name of the Father (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,960
Which is the greatest honour? To bestow a name upon another, to be named for another, or for another to be named for you? [Written for the PS Anniversary Challenge 2006]

Career Advice (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:6,566
Harry and Ginny spend an afternoon by the lake, eating sweets, giving each other some career advice and doing - er - other stuff. Oh, and living someone else’s life. (A missing moment from HBP.)

12th March (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:914
Who said you couldn't learn anything in History of Magic?

Author: LadyTonks

Keeper of the Hearth (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,516
Her red hair, once brilliant, long and shining, was now cut short for efficiency's sake. Its texture, once soft, now had the feel of worn broom straw. Ginny Weasley didn't care much about the state of her hair, her dress or anything else about her appearance anymore. She was too tired.

Teatime in the Garden (Everyone) Completed
Word count:3,292
It was almost teatime. Teatime was their favorite time. Ginny hoped that Hermione and Ron wouldn’t stay long. She knew that they meant well, but they just didn’t understand about Harry. Not many people did.

Author: LadyTory

Author: lantis222

Something Worth Fighting For (Young Teens) WIP
Word count:39,956
Voldemort is gone, and life should be good. But there is always something worth fighting for.

Come Home (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,316
Severus Snape has long been the bane of Harry Potter's existence. In this sweet one-shot, lantis222 gives us a brief glimpse into his mind during his last moments before dying.

Author: Laura Laurent

In the House of the Quick and Hungry (Teens) WIP
Word count:8,700
Ginny: redhead, headstrong, and Harry's future wife. But she's not just those things--she's also a sibling to many, a daughter to two. The story of Harry and Ginny, told in a roundabout way, from our favorite female redhead's eyes.

Author: Leanne

Vignettes (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,937
Missing moments in and after HBP

Author: legobean

Harry Potter and the Toll of Destiny (Teens) WIP
Word count:169,577
Seven years ago the world awoke to news of an amazing and unthinkable event; good had triumphed over evil once again. A young man had defeated the most powerful dark wizard the world had ever known and saved all wizards from totalitarian rule by a fanatical hate monger. Celebration and good fortune followed. The only problem it seemed was that the champion never returned to join them. Oh he didn’t die, but he was left alone to cope with what he became in the process of seeking victory.

It’s time to pick up the pieces, and return to the wizarding world that everyone assumes has changed for the better. But has it really changed that much?

Eternity (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,621
Eternity is a very long time to spend dwelling on the mistakes you made in your life. What happens when your fight comes to an end and all that's left is reflection? Will the ghosts of your past forgive you? Or will the misdeeds of your life define you?

How to Try and Lose a Guy Before Valentine's Day (Teens) Completed
Word count:5,001
It's the middle of Ginny's fifth year and she's figured something out. Dean Thomas isn't the boy for her. Can she find a way to get what she really wants? It's only ten days until Valentine's Day, and now is the time for action.

Stolen Moment (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,000
It's been a difficult year for Ginny. She hasn't seen her brother, her best friend, or the man she loves since the previous summer. But the war has ended, and now Harry is coming to Hogwarts. It's the day she's been waiting for since Harry broke up with her last June. She saw him at the wedding, but he didn't talk to her. It was gut-wrenching, being so close to him, and pretending as if it didn't matter, as if she didn't care for him at all. Today her life begins again; it will all be perfect. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Author: Lell

Any Chance of Us (Everyone) Completed
Word count:7,530
Alone is always a depressing way to travel, but Harry's been "on the road" for six years now. He wants nothing more than a nameless hotel and some space upon returning to England, but Ginny has other plans for him...

Author: lenzlaw1

As the Dust Falls (Teens) WIP
Word count:7,223
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny cope with life after the war and learn to live in a world that is free of imminent danger. R/Hr and H/G explore their new relationships and savor life and friends. Some 7th-Years from the year before return to have a proper final year. Once he returns to the castle, Harry finds himself, at McGonnagal's request, filling a pretty important role. As tensions arise between friends, Harry learns that his life will never be free of problems, even if it is free of Voldemort.

Author: Lily Evans

The Tainted Beginnings of a Bitter Soul (Teens) Completed
Word count:1,309
Halloween wasn't that special, really. They always got the worst candy, the worst decorations, the worst everything, or so Tom Riddle thought. But those didn't even compare to the feeling of loneliness one small prank brought upon him. And really, he wanted revenge...

Author: Lily of the Valley23

Joyeux Noel (Everyone) Completed
Word count:3,424
Harry and Ginny prepare for their first Christmas together with the entire Weasley family, hilarity ensues.

Author: Lina

The Doom of Dolores Umbridge (Teens) Completed
Word count:6,873
Upon finding out that Dolores Umbridge hasn't received her "just desserts" for the treatment she gave students, McGonagall and Trelawney take things into their own hands.

Author: LisaQT3

Getting Used to You (Everyone) Completed
Word count:3,242
We all know that sometime soon young Mr. Potter will begin to have feelings for a certain strong-willed redhead. But how do you approach someone who you know got over you a long time ago? Fortunately, Harry finds some help with this dilemma in an unlikely place.

Just the Beginning (Everyone) Completed
Word count:3,197
Penelope Clearwater learns a painful lesson of how mindless ambition can corrupt the ones we love.

The Vagaries of Destiny (Teens) Completed
Word count:4,031
The war is over and Ginny struggles to understand where that leaves her.

Author: LogicalRaven

Harry Potter and the Secret Horcrux (Teens) WIP
Word count:38,963
Every story must have an end. Harry Potter must now face the greatest adventure of his life. Lives will be lost and love will be found. The only difference between a muggle and a wizard is his ability to believe. Based on what could occur in book seven.

Author: Lola Ravenhill

Revelatio (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,256
In the summer of 1995 Doris Purkiss gave an interview to The Quibbler claiming that Sirius Black was really the long retired and reclusive singer of the Hobgoblins, Stubby Boardman. What if she were right? Sirius Black tells a story.

Author: Lorelei Lynn

Battles with Bludgers (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,855
Twelve-year-old Molly Prewett tries out for the Gryffindor Quidditch. Her brother and Arthur Weasley offer unsolicited advice.

The Importance of Being Earnest (Everyone) Completed
Word count:4,035
During his fifth year at Hogwarts, Ernie Macmillan wrestles with his conscience while dealing with an embarrassing nickname, a questionable Muggle artifact, and Hufflepuffs behaving badly.

Author: lostinthesandsoftime

Author: loverlydaisy520

Afterthoughts (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,564
As the sun rises above the battered grounds of Hogwarts, Harry Potter surrounds himself with friends and conversation, seeking recovery and solace after the final battle. Missing moment from Deathly Hallows.

Author: lucky_black_cat

The Silent Cradle (Teens) WIP
Word count:6,785
A few hours after Voldemort's fall, memories flood Harry's brain. There is something he needs to tell Ginny... he only hopes it's not too late.

I Should Have Known (Teens) Completed
Word count:6,118
What is the difference between a good day and a bad day? Who decides what kind of day you're going to have? Your enemies are lurking everywhere, waiting for a chance to strike - in the shape of a barny owl, or even disguised inside your morning toast. Written for the 'Angsty Valentine' Challenge at SIYE.