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Reviews For Bewitched and Bewildered by Gowdie

Saturday 15th December 2007 23:13
Bewitched and Bewildered
Very good overall. I like your Harry and Ginny, there were lots of fun moments and the tension was there. I was uncomfortable with the sexual scenes, which doesn't seem quite fair, because I've read stronger stuff...but there you go. I think it was a bit sudden for me. Whatever. Still, good writing!
Saturday 24th November 2007 17:07
Bewitched and Bewildered
loved it that harry didn't get her name right till the very end.
Friday 21st September 2007 03:29
Bewitched and Bewildered
This is an excellent story. I really enjoyed the interaction of all the participants. I'm glad Harry made friends with Lupin again. Ginny and Harry getting together was amazing and Ginny supporting him and not correcting him because she didn't want to "spoil the moment" was great. It made Harry feel better I'm sure. Thanks for writing. I look forward to the sequel. I am going to go back and read "Gold" also. p
Monday 23rd July 2007 16:33
Bewitched and Bewildered
Well done! really captures the moment.
Friday 15th June 2007 14:57
Bewitched and Bewildered
great job
Thursday 29th March 2007 14:44
Bewitched and Bewildered
Oooo lovely story! My two favorite HP couples finally together, incredible! I'm off to read your sequel now, I'm looking forward to it!

Friday 15th December 2006 22:25
Bewitched and Bewildered
This was really fun. And I totally liked the idea of Harry having to pursue Ginny.

Friday 3rd November 2006 01:34
Bewitched and Bewildered
Amazing story. I like it a lot. Except I can't seem to access chapter 7.

Is there a particular reason for this?
Wednesday 1st November 2006 15:37
Bewitched and Bewildered
Cute story! I loved it... I like the way Harry and Ginny got together almost more than how it went in canon.
Tuesday 31st October 2006 16:56
Bewitched and Bewildered
'my sister's name is Ginevra . . . Well, now that's embarrassing . . . Why didn't you tell me your name was Ginevra? . . . I liked that you were calling me by my full name . . . Even if it were the wrong one?'
Felix Felicis
Monday 30th October 2006 19:18
Bewitched and Bewildered
Good story. I love the idea of Harry "officially" gaining a new friend in Lupin. The two have a great deal they can learn from each other and I'm glad you decided to allow them some time together. Their sharing makes for a good way to give us insight into Harry's feelings as well, so it's a good machine to use for advancing the plot.

I was a bit concerned about the plot at first because it took some time to get going but it was well worth it. One of my favorite parts was Ginny's explanation of how Ron and Hermione got together. Very plausible theory, by the way, but I just loved how Harry was completely oblivious. It also served very well as a vehicle for introducing Ginny's power to bring Harry out of his shell.

You must also allow me a moment to give a little nudge on another topic. While I don't wholly object to the sexual actions of Harry and Ginny, it made me, as the reader, a bit uncomfortable for a few moments. I understand that they are teenagers who are likely to do this sort of thing. Plus, you used the result to great effect to give some back story on Harry. I have no trouble with that. Fundamentally, my concern is really that it seemed quite sudden. We see that Ginny and Harry still "love" each other, but there aren't heaps of evidence showing that love as true and deep. Here we are reading along - noting that they haven't even kissed yet - and Ginny jumps Harry and everything goes wild from there. It's just... a bit sudden. Perhaps it's just my old-fashioned side showing through. Sigh.

Of course, I loved how you had Ron react to Harry's proclamation of love for Ginny. I think that's quite how Ron wanted things to work out. Harry's preparation and behavior is classic and almost made me laugh out loud! He can really be insecure sometimes!

The whole "Ginny" name thing was a bit funny, probably even more so because of your Author's Note at the beginning. It might have helped us little to get that worked out sooner in the story because I started getting a little confused after several chapters.

All-in-all I liked the story and I'll have to go off and read the rest now to find out what happens. Cheers!
Wednesday 6th September 2006 02:56
Bewitched and Bewildered
Oh I loved this, you had me grinning like a nutter at Harry and his PJ dilemma, and giggling along with Hermione.

Well I'm off to read the sequel now
Friday 16th June 2006 05:47
Bewitched and Bewildered
Oh my gosh.
This was hilariously funny, unbelievably cute and and wonderfully lively. Loved it.

Thanks for a great read.
Sunday 18th June 2006 11:56Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Thrilled to hear you liked it so much! Thank YOU!
Thursday 25th May 2006 08:05
Bewitched and Bewildered
Cute...I loved that he was getting her name wrong. At first I just figured you didn't know that when you wrote it....But that made it priceless! Can't wait to read the sequel...
Sunday 18th June 2006 11:54Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
So so glad the name payed off for you. I've heard from so many people after they read the first couple of chapters and thought I'd messed up, that I have worried a bit that the joke doesn't work in the end.

Hope you like the sequel! And thank you for all the reviews!
Tuesday 23rd May 2006 17:22
Bewitched and Bewildered
i like it. reading the sequal now!
Sunday 18th June 2006 11:31Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Thank you!
Saturday 11th March 2006 19:47
Bewitched and Bewildered
OOHhh! For some reason the alert sent to me didn't get ... well, sent, and I just checked it now! Wow. I can't believe it's over... Ron was so funny; Harry's such an idiot. Can't WAIT for the sequel! I love that line:
Because life doesn't end five minutes after you beat the Big Bad, and winning the girl is only half of the story.
You should use it for the summary or something. Anyway, it's been a very enjoyable ride! n.n I love this story... MUST BE MORE!!!
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:36Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Actually - that IS part of the summary! Cool - glad you liked it so much!

Sent the first couple chapters off to the beta today - so hopefully you will start seeing updates soon. Thank you very much for all the lovely reviews!
Connor Landon
Wednesday 8th March 2006 17:38
Bewitched and Bewildered
That's wicked cute! I cannot wait for the sequel! When will it be finished? And, no, I didn't think that the scenes between G/H were weird, just a little...descriptive. But you have a really good story going, and I hope you continue on with it so you won't kill me and the rest of your loyal readers with suspension.
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:35Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Thank you for all the awesome reviews - I love when people give their thoughts as they go. I just passed the first chapters of the sequel on to my beta today - so hopefully you will start seeing updates soon. Thank you again!
Saturday 4th March 2006 03:28
Bewitched and Bewildered
What a lovely ending. *sigh* Thanks for this lovely story - a very nice mix of the serious and the fluffy. I just love Ron's laid back attitude in this chapter. Every time I read this I get one of those grins that just won't go away. My favourite line: And she moved her thigh. That's just a perfect example of what I love about reading your story - all the hilarious one-liners that show us what's really going on in Harry's head! I look forward to the sequel.
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:28Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Hee hee - love it when the little things like that line are appreciated. I just passed the sequel on to my beta today - so hopefully you'll start seeing updates soon. Thank you very much for all the reviews!
Thursday 2nd March 2006 13:54
Bewitched and Bewildered
Haha what a brilliant story. I loved it. Too funny! I can't wait until the sequel. Hilarious.
Thursday 2nd March 2006 20:22Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Thank you very much! The sequel should be seen shortly. I just need to figure out a few details.
Tuesday 28th February 2006 17:47
Bewitched and Bewildered
Wonderful chapter.
Thursday 2nd March 2006 20:21Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Thank you!
Tuesday 28th February 2006 06:53
Bewitched and Bewildered
Very fluffy, even though the scenes at the beginning seem slightly overdone. If it had been a little less brutal it would have been more realistic. Just a detail, though. - Well done, thanks a lot.
Thursday 2nd March 2006 20:25Bewitched and Bewildered (Author Response)
Things like pushing her off his lap weren't meant to be entirely realisitc - just funny. Oh well. Different strokes. Glad you still liked it! And thank you for all the reviews!