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Snape's Worst Memory by Perseus McBrennan

reviews for Snape's Worst Memory by Perseus McBrennan

Wednesday 23rd June 2010 16:41
Snape's Worst Memory
I like how it captures all of their personailities. with James, or sometimes Sirius, doing the dirty work, Sirius, in this case, laughing at James's antics, Peter following his hero's lead, and Remus either laughing slightly or staying the heck out of it.

Monday 18th December 2006 20:12
Snape's Worst Memory
Great depiction of this scene! Although I don't know if I would want to touch Snivelly's underpants.... lol. I like how Lily looks.

Monday 4th December 2006 16:41
Snape's Worst Memory
oh yikes! thats no fun!

Monday 4th December 2006 16:17
Snape's Worst Memory
Love it!
my only complaint is that it looks lik sirius has double Ds lol

Monday 4th December 2006 14:57
Snape's Worst Memory
Attagirl, Lily!... but his underwear isn't nearly embarrassing enough And James is touching it! Ewww! Brave boy, that one...

Monday 4th December 2006 14:49
Snape's Worst Memory
poor snape

Monday 4th December 2006 14:42
Snape's Worst Memory

sorry. just the look on snape's face cracked me up. i love the way remus is just sitting there, not paying attention- so like remus to ignore bad stuff...lahv him!

haha lily+james 4-evr!!!


Sunday 3rd December 2006 12:18
Snape's Worst Memory
A wonderful depiction of a horrible scene. Love it! Poor Snape, he looks so scared!