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Artist: rachel

Tonks and Lupin

Ginny and Harry

Falling for Fleur

Ron the Copycat

Bill and Fleur's Wedding

Beauty and the Beast - HBP comic

Ron and Hermione Before a Date

GoF Poster

Second Task

Yule Ball Brawling Part 2

Yule Ball Brawling Part 1

Romilda's Love Potion

Together - Ron and Hermione

I Don't Care - HBP Comic

I'll Be Fine - HBP Comic

Lupin and Tonks

Harry Impressing Ginny

Ron Watching Hermione

Daddy's Home

Ron and Hermione's Wedding

Harry and Ginny's Wedding

Hermione luvs spiders

Artist: Radicalstab




Artist: Rae F

A Family Christmas

Snap Shot by Colin Creevey

Distracting Ginny from OWLs

Happy Hour down by the Lake

Quartet in the Common Room

Harry and Ginny in the Common Room

Artist: ragdolly

Lily Evans - Student

Artist: RdeHwyll

Philtre of Promise, Chapter Four

Artist: reesepieces

The Trio

HP Halloween Crew

The White Tomb - Harry and Ginny

The White Tomb - Ron and Hermione

The White Tomb - Remus and Tonks


Artist: Ri

Luna trying to conjure a patronus

Valentine Luna


Luna Lovegood

Artist: roby_boh

1st Year Luna and Ginny

Ginny Is Bored

Just Luna

Potter Kids

Remus and Dora

Ted Lupin

A Family

Artist: Rohanelf

Lily Evans and James Potter

Til Death Do We Part


Snape Bust

Snape's Secret

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sirius Black

Peter Pettigrew

Remus Lupin

Garden Gnome

James Potter

Transfiguration Class

Before and After

Artist: Rose MacShane

The Morning After

Artist: rowanberry

Merry Christmas

In the Weasley Wizard Wheezes

Marauders at Honeydukes

Snape and Lucius

Blood-flavoured lollipops

Fred and George