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Tom Riddle and Dumbledore by Perseus McBrennan

reviews for Tom Riddle and Dumbledore by Perseus McBrennan

Friday 31st August 2007 11:04
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
Wow, Dumbledore totally looks like Willy Wonka in the new movie. Gah! That's a scary proposition!

Monday 16th July 2007 22:43
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
I love how Dumbledore looks so... ecentric and obviously out of place. And Tom already has an affinity for green?

Very lovely shading. The bars on the window are a bit depressing, though.

Monday 18th December 2006 20:14
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
Very good picture.. Riddle looks so young and innocent... hard to believe he's the next Dark Lord lol. I like Dumbledore in this picture.

Friday 15th December 2006 21:01
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
I like Tom's expression. He looks so impassioned in his own childish, sinister way. In this picture you can really appreciate that the person we know as Voldemort was once a confused, emotional kid, not too different from Harry.

Monday 11th December 2006 20:47
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
Dumbly-dorr reminds me a bit of Jesus...

Monday 11th December 2006 15:09
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
i haven't seen any renderings of this scene yet in art, i love the way you portrayed it though. the way the sunshine is seeping in is also a nice effect.

Saturday 9th December 2006 10:14
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
wow...... thats pretty much what i saw in my minds eye.... sweet deal!

Saturday 9th December 2006 10:09
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
I love how you made dumbledore!!
He looks like hes thinking really hard about this kid...

Friday 8th December 2006 22:18
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
You've done a nice job of rendering this part of HBP. It's almost as I imagined it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Friday 8th December 2006 14:47
Tom Riddle and Dumbledore
Maybe it's the outfit, but Tom looks a little old for 11. I imagined him looking a little more, I don't know, deceptively vulnerable or something. Also, I know the book says Dumbledore's hair was auburn but I didn't quite imagine it that dark. But all that is totally just my opinion. It is certainly well drawn--better than I could've done!