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DH - Yes by forbis

reviews for DH - Yes by forbis

Monday 9th March 2009 15:52
DH - Yes
i am not sorry to say that that portrait is probably the scariest thing (and not in a good way) i have thing in my life, and that includes a LOT of scary things.

Monday 9th March 2009 12:28
DH - Yes
One of my favourite moments! I like the pic, too. Just one little thought - shouldn´t Harry be facing Narcissa to be able to breath out his yes? But I like it anyhow!

Thursday 20th December 2007 14:43
DH - Yes
I adore Harry in this picture - his pose is frighteningly realistic, as is his face. Narcissa is well done as well, although her face isn't quite what I had imagined.

All in all, an excellent piece! Were you planning on putting in a background anytime?

Monday 10th September 2007 20:48
DH - Yes
Perfect. Love that Harry's looking up surreptitiously. Perfect characterization of him. Lovely detail.

Friday 31st August 2007 11:02
DH - Yes
I absolutely reveled in this part of the book! W00t, Narcissa!

Thursday 30th August 2007 12:06
DH - Yes

Wednesday 29th August 2007 21:51
DH - Yes
My first glance at this I thought it was JKR bending over Harry, an expression of her emotional turmoil at writing Harry's "death" scene. she has said that she sobbed after finally writing it. I really like your Harry, but I see Narcissa as having immobile hair, even after a battle etc.
Thanks for sharing

Monday 27th August 2007 23:00
DH - Yes
i love this picture. this is the way i always pictured harry to look, wel maybe a bit more

my only problem with it is harry's right arm. if hes pretending to be dead, shouldnt it be relaxed. it seems like hes flexing it in this picture.

Monday 27th August 2007 21:42
DH - Yes
Harry looks amazing!

Monday 27th August 2007 09:58
DH - Yes
very very nice

Sunday 26th August 2007 22:52
DH - Yes
This is really good! I love Narcissa's expression as if touching Harry is the last thing she wants to do, but must because of her desire to escape further persecution at Voldemort's hands and her longing to know for certain that Draco is alive. I love how natural Harry looks. (Although for the sake of a quibble, the book has him lying face down on the ground instead of his back.) Overall, this is a picture I'll be coming back to view quite often.

Sunday 26th August 2007 13:53
DH - Yes
I love how you drew Harry pretending to be dead...