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DH - Albino Peacock by forbis

reviews for DH - Albino Peacock by forbis

Wednesday 31st October 2007 15:52
DH - Albino Peacock

Friday 31st August 2007 11:01
DH - Albino Peacock
Yeah, I so don't get what's up with these in DH. I mean, what's the significance? (Granted, Malfoys = peacocks is hilarious)

Monday 27th August 2007 09:58
DH - Albino Peacock
wow i like this one a lot. i like how you made his eyes red

Monday 27th August 2007 07:57
DH - Albino Peacock
A little rough, but altogethor very good. The head especially.

Sunday 26th August 2007 22:41
DH - Albino Peacock
I've seen these birds in real life and your drawing is every bit as beautiful as the living bird. Too bad Lucius Malfoy chose to defile such gorgeous birds by confining them to his manor. Well done!

Sunday 26th August 2007 13:55
DH - Albino Peacock
Hehe... I can just imagine Lucius petting this peacock...