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Diagon Alley by Sanna

reviews for Diagon Alley by Sanna

Tuesday 2nd October 2007 14:40
Diagon Alley
brilliant-really captures the moment-i dont know how you do it!

Monday 24th September 2007 11:45
Diagon Alley

Sunday 16th September 2007 23:13
Diagon Alley
love it!

Friday 7th September 2007 13:12
Diagon Alley
Friday 7th September 2007 13:12Author Response
Thank you!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 22:15
Diagon Alley
It's good to see the trio spending the day with no worries other than deciding which shops they're going to visit. I really like this scene since it looks like it could be the set of one of the movies!
Sunday 2nd September 2007 22:15Author Response
Thanks so much for your kind comment!

Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:42
Diagon Alley
This reminds me of a street in Italy. I like the vibrant colors--especially Hermione's robes. Very well done.
Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:42Author Response
Thank you very much...

I used a photo I took in Stockholm last year as a reference for parts of the backround.

Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:03
Diagon Alley
i love love love this one!
Sunday 2nd September 2007 19:03Author Response
Oh, I'm happy you liked it, thank you!

Saturday 1st September 2007 14:16
Diagon Alley
Nice, but I'm not sure I understand - is the red haired woman Molly? Or am I just looking too much into things ( as usual?)

It's very nice, though. I like the way the buildings are all close together - it really IS an alley!
Saturday 1st September 2007 14:16Author Response
Thank you so much...

The red haired woman is not suppose to be anyone special.