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Gryffindor Won by gerre

reviews for Gryffindor Won by gerre

Saturday 12th April 2008 01:13
Gryffindor Won

Wednesday 2nd April 2008 22:50
Gryffindor Won
It says something when one can recognize the scene from the book just by looking at the picture -- you've done a fantastic job with capturing the moment! Excellent!

Friday 28th December 2007 00:03
Gryffindor Won
I like the angle you've used for this picture. Not too many people have composed their pieces this way, preferring to do close-ups. I love the look on Romilda's face and how the butterbeer bottle is shattering in Dean's hand. You've done a really nice job on this picture.
Friday 28th December 2007 00:03Author Response
thank you!