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The Wreath by gerre

reviews for The Wreath by gerre

Thursday 27th March 2008 16:03
The Wreath
I love how the only color in the picture is from the wreath. So pretty!!!!!!

Friday 11th January 2008 11:36
The Wreath
This is beautiful, I love this.

Sunday 30th December 2007 17:42
The Wreath
i swear , i have tears in my eyes right now

Sunday 30th December 2007 08:46
The Wreath
Very sweet!

Friday 28th December 2007 00:21
The Wreath
This is a super depiction of the Godric's Hollow graveyard scene. I love how boldly the wreath stands out against the rest of the picture. Well done, well done!

Tuesday 25th December 2007 18:11
The Wreath
This is so beautiful. I love the vibrant red against the black and white.

Thank you for posting this, especially on Christmas!
Tuesday 25th December 2007 18:11Author Response
Thanks for you lovely comment! I have AgiVega to thank for uploading it though (since I had some problems :-)).

Monday 24th December 2007 06:07
The Wreath
This is heart-wrenching. Just to think that it's Christmas Eve both in real life, and in this pic, and that Harry had to spend his Christmas Eve so sadly, while we lucky others have Christmas trees and presents... Beautiful picture!
Monday 24th December 2007 06:07Author Response
yeah, the timing for uploading this picture really couldn't be more perfect. I'm so happy you like it.