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DH - The Forest Again by Hannah-Dora

reviews for DH - The Forest Again by Hannah-Dora

Tuesday 1st July 2008 04:57
DH - The Forest Again
thankyou for sharing this

Wednesday 25th June 2008 18:46
DH - The Forest Again
Perfect. No other word.
I think you took a photo of it, and then drew a picture. No other way.

Saturday 10th May 2008 19:11
DH - The Forest Again
Suitably somber and shadowed for that point in the book. I like it.

Tuesday 29th April 2008 06:49
DH - The Forest Again
I've read this chapter many times since the book came out. It's one of my favorites and I must say you've done a wonderful job of showing the terrors that await Harry as he walks to what he thinks will be the death of him. I love the way he's holding his arms, almost as if he's reaching back to all the people he holds dear, not wanting to let go, but knowing he must. You've done a wonderfl job on this.

Wednesday 16th April 2008 17:03
DH - The Forest Again
Very intimidating

Sunday 13th April 2008 11:32
DH - The Forest Again
i like the amount of symmetry you used here, and also the sort of straight path with the trees lining the sides and the line of death eaters in the back.

Sunday 13th April 2008 01:14
DH - The Forest Again