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Into The Storm by shattered-black-rose

reviews for Into The Storm by shattered-black-rose

Monday 6th July 2009 05:24
Into The Storm
This pic is really good, well done

Saturday 13th June 2009 10:10
Into The Storm
ok this is very good but i does not look like them that much

Saturday 9th August 2008 16:04
Into The Storm

Wednesday 16th July 2008 20:10
Into The Storm
Wow, what a cool image!!!

Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:12
Into The Storm
well... no offense but it isn't all that great... it has nothing to do with the stories!!
hermiones face is lopsided!!
Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:12Author Response
I've added a link to a larger size image. I agree that this painting looks absolutely horrid at this tiny size. Also, it will hopefully make more sense if you read the description (posted with the larger size image). It's not an illustration of a particular scene in the books, it's a tribute to the series as a whole, and it was conceived before the last book was released.

Please try for some constructive criticism next time. Suggest how I could improve it or future artwork.

Monday 9th June 2008 21:40
Into The Storm
Wow...interesting. I like the colours, especially in the background. Harry's hair and eyes are great. I feel like the necks make all three of them look a bit thin, but other than that, it's nice work.

Saturday 7th June 2008 08:42
Into The Storm
awesome, love the colors!

Friday 6th June 2008 11:59
Into The Storm
I love the shading in this pic, especially the folds of their clothes. And the lightning looks simply cool.