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Lily For Ever by AgiVega

reviews for Lily For Ever by AgiVega

Tuesday 2nd December 2014 07:14
Lily For Ever

Thursday 11th November 2010 02:26
Lily For Ever
I absolutely LOVE this picture. There's a very Beauty and the Beast/Kingdom Hearts style about it. This breaks my heart how he simply could never forget his true love. How he would never be happy. You made Lily so beautiful, and Snape so realistic and so pained. This picture is astounding.

Tuesday 6th October 2009 17:40
Lily For Ever
Gorgeous - a fitting tribute to the chapter!

Monday 9th March 2009 10:14
Lily For Ever
Thats soooo pretty

Monday 27th October 2008 17:46
Lily For Ever
My god, this brings tears to my eyes. This is a beautiful masterpiece. I'm loving the colors you used and everything else about it. WELL DONE!!!


Monday 27th October 2008 17:46Author Response
Thanks a lot, glad you like it.

Wednesday 10th September 2008 00:31
Lily For Ever
This is fantastic! I love it!

Colours - great, lines - beautiful, composition - perfect.

Terrific work. Congratulations!

Friday 22nd August 2008 12:38
Lily For Ever
I'm really glad to see you still active on this site. Your work has really evolved over the years and it's wonderful to see. This piece is stunning, the details in Lily's dress and hair really caught me. You almost make me want to be kind to Snape.
Friday 22nd August 2008 12:38Author Response
Thanks, I'm proud of the improvement my work has undergone throughout the years, and I'm always glad when people notice it.

Tuesday 22nd July 2008 08:59
Lily For Ever
i love it. it shows how upset lily was when snape alled her a mud blood and how upset snape was when lily woudn't for give him and you r a fab artest 10/10

Tuesday 1st July 2008 14:03
Lily For Ever
i love it it looks so realistic!! how severus was holding a lily showing how much he loved her!!

Sunday 15th June 2008 21:51
Lily For Ever
Wow, awesome! I always love your work, you're so true to the characters, and your colors are so vibrant. Thanks for sharing!

Saturday 14th June 2008 10:43
Lily For Ever
wow, this is really nice draw, really good, is so sentimental... REALLY REALLY GOOOOOD OMG!

Saturday 14th June 2008 00:58
Lily For Ever
Very nice piece of art work... however I still hate Snape and am of the opinion that he never was, nor could have been the one for Lilly. James & Lilly forever! (but again, beautifully done!)