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Lost Prophecy by tripperfunster

reviews for Lost Prophecy by tripperfunster

Tuesday 17th April 2012 08:35
Lost Prophecy
I love how you actually showed his age. He is 150 years ole, and you showed how he has feelings and can cry. I love your work. I wish I could draw as good.

Monday 26th July 2010 04:28
Lost Prophecy
Amazing and so moving, keep it up

Monday 5th October 2009 15:33
Lost Prophecy
this is absolutely magnificent

Sunday 16th August 2009 20:04
Lost Prophecy

Monday 6th July 2009 05:26
Lost Prophecy
wow ! this is an awsome pic of dumbledore, i love the toning.
Couldnt be drawn any better i would defo buy a book with that on the front cover , well done !!

Friday 20th March 2009 16:50
Lost Prophecy
I like this piece of art. It really touches me.

Monday 16th March 2009 00:22
Lost Prophecy
wow is all i can say right now, this is exactly how i inmagined . just execellent

Thursday 29th January 2009 19:02
Lost Prophecy
It looks really cool

Sunday 25th January 2009 11:24
Lost Prophecy
The Dumbledore in my head is less aged in appearance....that's interfering with my appreciation of this piece, despite your evident skill. The hand is magnificent.